[WATCH] Wale Shows His Softer Side, Explains Why He’s Afraid to Be In Love

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This week, rapper Wale stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club‘ to promote his latest project, The Gifted, dropping June 25th. In addition to talking music, the Washington native talked about being skipped over for MTV’s recent emcee list (he was so pissed, he couldn’t utter more than one sentence when asked his opinion), what’s REALLY preventing him from being in a relationship and what motivated him to step to a NBA commentator during a live game. Check out a few excerpts:

 On fans having unpleasant experiences with Wale, when asking for an autograph:

I think people have the most unrealistic expectation for people on TV. You can’t win.

On reports that some people saw him walking down a NYC street, looking extremely paranoid: 

It’s probably going to sound like a punchline, but they kept asking for drops. I got alot of haters in NY.

On his controversy at a NBA Wizards game, when he was mistaken for Drake, at a Wizards game: 

I give y’all n*ggas a lot of ammo. I’m a dark skinned dude with dreads and tattoos with a lot velocity. You gotta understand, I’m a staple back home. I was ike ‘Yo chill out. I’m in my hometown. I just wanna let you know, chill out.’

On what fans can expect on his new album, ‘The Gifted’: 

I made it for me, to be honest. I’m using like a lot of things from the 90’s that inspired me. I’ve been working with bands to arrange hip hop records. I use (a) record like ‘Late Registration’ for inspiration. This is my most personal album, like I ain’t even gonna answer (these type of questions) in an interview. I’ve been too closed off. I had to get high as hell to get some of the songs in the album. My DNA won’t even let me open (up).

On why he’s often seen drunk: 

I get fake drunk and heavy drunk. A drunken state is less approachable with people that don’t know you.

On if he’s still into groupies: 

I’m a decent man. I don’t know what you talkin’ bout. Nah, I run a tight ship.

On if he ever sees himself, pulling a Kanye West on stage, venting out his frustrations: 

I don’t know where he’s at in his life right now. I don’t forsee that in my path.

On signing R&B singer, Tierra Thomas: 

I just saw a lot of 90s in her. We don’t hafta dress her up all sexual; it’s like some girl next door.

On the current sound of rap: 

Nobody really rapping about emotional feeling right now. It’s like the same thing over and over.

On if he’s in a relationship: 

I’m dating. I mean, it might hurt my music when I do–I might not be able to write the same. I’m scared about the money, I’m scared about what the fame brings. We both having a stand off for the whole time, until it’s over. I’m still moving around too much. What Imma do? Come (home) for Christmas and be gone the whole year? I wouldn’t mind; but it’s gotta be someone that’s flexible. Maybe she a boss and she can move on her own. They’re all taken though.

On not being included in MTV’s Hottest Emcees List: 

Next question. I’m not letting ’em shine.

On if he is attracted to ‘ratchet girls’:

Yeah, I love ratchet girls. [At the strip club last night] I was disapointed and intrigued at the same time. It was like a 3rd world strip club. Their behavior. I was enamered.

On Rick Ross’ recent incident (where he was shot at in Florida) and other MMG members having beef with people: 

It’s not even as deep as n*ggas think it is. N*ggas got they own quarrels. Until a n*gga put they hands on somebody.

Watch the full interview below: