Kenya Moore Calls Porsha Stewart A ‘Self Centered Little Girl’, Explains Why She Kicked Her Out Finale Party

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Although season five is officially over, the shade and behind-the-scenes drama with the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has not ended. A day after ousting Porsha Stewart out of her party, the show’s break-out star, Kenya Moore, takes to her personal blog to defend her actions. In a lengthy blog post, Kenya explains the entire situation surrounding her party–why she chose Halle’s B.A.P.S. character, her only regret about kicking Porsha out and her real feelings about NeNe’s opinion about the situation. She wrote:

I live for her and was happy to pay homage to one of the most incredible women to ever be seen on the silver screen. Halle Berry is and will always be one of the most beautiful women in the world. In B.A.P.S., she was a young, pretty, unpolished, fun, and likable diamond in the rough. Her character arc showed her grow, mature, and become a beautiful polished Black American Princess who was willing to accept change. Perhaps, my vision was too complex for a self-centered little girl to understand.

I’ve heard the comments that it was a “set-up,” or “non-glamorous,” “malice content” (malcontent is the correct word), which is utterly absurd. NO ONE takes that kind of energy from me.  This is just as ignorant as the first comments that were the catalyst for the event. Tina Turner was not “glamorous,” Grace Jones was not glamorous, nor any of the other characters aside from Cynthia as Diana Ross. I should not be surprised by the pervasive idiocy that exists in one’s own head. Most importantly, as a show of my appreciation for the ladies, I gifted each of them with beautiful diamond and gold necklaces with their initials courtesy of David Yurman. Therefore, I planned on a beautiful, drama free night honoring ALL the ladies, bar none. Yet, someone wanted to ruin my big night by showing up and showing out.

All the girls came to the party and never once complained about their assigned costumes. My amazing team created live reenactments from the movies of each character the girls were appearing, so it was imperative that they came as their assigned ICONS. If they didn’t want to comply with the hostess’ requests, they should have simply declined the invitation and stayed home. What clearly was premeditated is someone making their own rules to upset me at my own event, which I meticulously planned and paid for. Most importantly, I extended an olive branch toward forgiveness. When you have a history with me of being disrespectful, spiteful, and unapologetic, then you will be shown the nearest exit to the left.

I love me some NeNe, but she did not hesitate to “kick us out” of her house party that we never got in to. I listen, but I don’t have to always agree. However, I appreciate and respect her opinion. In this case, I felt that I should have merely asked “Dorothy” to leave rather than have her escorted out. I have always apologized when I feel I have been wrong. (Phaedra, Cynthia, Anguilla).  Yet, I have NEVER received one apology from someone who called me “whore, trash, raisin face, old, ashy” and taunted me throughout the year often laughing at the unfortunate demise and pain in my relationship, even invited my ex to a party, insulted me after I was uncomfortable at the shameful spectacle made at her charity event I politely left, told I was on the curb where I should be… In any event, I realize that I am a bigger, more reasonable, and more accountable person. Life’s experiences have immeasurable value. I would be insane if I did the same thing over and over and expect a different response. I cannot expect more from someone that only wants to win at all costs. They will lose every time in life. We are all culpable for our actions. I own up to mine.

After reading this, what do  you think of Kenya’s actions? Do you now understand why she was upset or was her behavior (having Porsha removed by security)? BTW, will BRAVO ask her back for another season?  

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