Social Media Influencer Andrew Caldwell Claims He Was Sexually Harassed While Filming Zeus Network Series ‘Bad Boys: Los Angeles’

Andrew Caldwell

Social Media Influencer Andrew Caldwell Claims He Was Sexually Harassed While Filming Zeus Network Series ‘Bad Boys: Los Angeles’

The Zeus Network was recently hit with another serious allegation.

Social media influencer Andrew Caldwell initially became popular a few years ago following a now-viral moment in the church where he famously declared he was no longer gay and had been “delivert” from homosexuality. Since then he has gained a large online following and even ventured into the world of reality TV. Fans can now watch Andrew Caldwel on the Zeus Network’s new series “Bad Boys: Los Angeles.”

Despite the show seemingly being a hit, Andrew Caldwell recently stepped forward and revealed that filming the series wasn’t all fun and games. Yesterday (March 23) the TV personality claimed he was sexually harassed while filming for Zeus and shared that he plans on taking legal action against the network. A statement from Caldwell’s legal team was posted on his IG page that said, 

“Our firm has been retained to represent Andrew Caldwell regarding several acts committed against him while participating in the production of Zeus Network’s television show, ‘Bad Boys Los Angeles. As we’ve stated before, it is neither permissible nor entertaining to be the subject of intentional acts of violence or, as in this case, sexual harassment.”

The statement continued,

“The history and pattern of abuse many entertainers are subject to endure in the entertainment industry is no longer to be ignored and industry standards must change. Methods of fear and intimidation are unacceptable in any industry or setting and will not be tolerated.”

It added,

“The network has not only failed to secure the safety and security of all its castmembers, rather it has consistently created an unsafe and toxic environment for everyone involved in its productions.”

Caldwell nor his lawyers have detailed what specifically occurred or who was involved in the alleged incident. However, he has continued to be very active online, and posted other content, since the statement was shared. As previously reported, Zeus is also facing a suit from Amber Ali, who was on the most recent season of “Joseline’s Cabaret.” Amber Ali made headlines last week after accusing Joseline Hernandez and her partner, music producer Balistic, of physically attacking her while they filmed the reunion special for season 3 of the reality series.

Following the serious allegations, Zeus released a statement and shared they are investigating the situation.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel