Ray J Shares How He Was Able To Fix His Marriage w/ Princess Love [VIDEO]

Ray J, Princess Love

Ray J Shares How He Was Able To Fix His Marriage w/ Princess Love [VIDEO]

Ray J has shared how he was able to overcome the hurdles in his marriage with Princess Love.

During a recent visit to “The Breakfast Club,” R&B singer/entrepreneur Ray J, 42, opened up about the work he’s done to improve his marriage with his wife Princess Love, 38.

Ray J

When asked by show co-host Charlemagne Tha God what he did to repair his marriage, Ray J shared,

“Compromise. Communication. If you feel a certain way, express yourself about it. If you let it linger and then nobody knows and then it’s just an attitude in the air, what’s wrong?”

While speaking on what he’s compromised for the sake of his marriage, the “One Wish” singer said,

“Just making sure I stay in communication all the time, listening more, going out more, spending time outside and inside. And really making my wife my close friend, and we roll together and we do everything as far as fun together. ‘Cause a lot of times dudes want to go hangout with their friends and have the fun.”

Ray J, born William Ray Norwood Jr., continued,

“You got to think your girl or dude been in the house for days and you just want to come back and lay up ‘cause you tired and you had a long week.”

If you didn’t already know, Ray J and Princess Love have been through a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. Much of the pair’s on-again-off-again relationship played out on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” However, according to Ray J, the reality show has served as a reflection on the improvement of the couple’s bond. He added,

“A lot of stuff we do on the show is still needed. The show for me when I watch each season, the first few seasons of Love & Hip Hop I was terrible. I was embarrassed to be who I am. And I looked at myself, nobody needed to tell me what I did I could see it.”

As you may recall, in December of last year, the two headed to trial in their ongoing divorce battle after mediation ended in failure. They were mandated to participate in a parenting program as part of the case, however, the document stated that no agreement was made despite the program being finished.

Ray J, Princess Love

Although it appeared the marriage was really over between Ray J and Princess, the lovers recently called off their second divorce filing.

As previously reported, last month, Ray J reflected in a post on how he spent his birthday and revealed that things are looking good again with his no-longer-estranged wife, Princess. He wrote,

“Thanks for the bday love! – I’m taking it easy today! – Family and a few friends gonna pull up! – I been at this hotel for 2 months in las vegas on super grind mode!! New network deal #dosh – New music projects on the way! -Had to get my wife back and start fresh. I love my family!!”

He added,

“I’ll fight over and over for life for my family and kids!! – I’ll put it all on the line for my children to be happy and safe and close to me 24/7!!! God is always working!! – Stay tuned!! This new wave I’m on is lit in all the right ways!! – #happybdayrayj – New start – New goals!! – New year”

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Princess and Ray J have been married for six years and share two children together, Epik Ray Norwood, 2, and Melody Love Norwood, 4.

Epik & Melody Norwood

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely