[Audio] Meek Mill Says There Is Nothing Wrong With Charging Fans for Pictures

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Rapper Meek Mill and his MMG “bawse” Rick Ross have been very news worthy these last few weeks. Rozay has been catching heat for his rap lyrics in the song “U.O.E.N.O” in which he raps: “Put,molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.” Women’s right groups such as UltraViolet, have been protesting and asking that Reebok drop their endorsement deal with the Miami rapper over his controversial lyrics which they feel allude to date rape.

Following in his Captain’s footsteps, Mill has generated some drama for himself as well.  Allegedly, the 25-year-old Philly native,tried to get with Young Money’s Tyga, baby moms Blac Chyna on Twitter and has been rumored to charge fans for photos (scoop via Necole Bitchie). Recently, he stopped in DC on his ‘Dreams Do Come True’ tour and addressed his the recent controversy. Peep some excerpts of the interview below.

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On rumors that he is charging to take pictures with fans (at the 3:03 mark):

Actually, I was not charging to take pictures ya know? My homies be in the crowd and if my homie trying to make some money and you trying to get backstage, he might charge you. That’s your fault. I don’t even see nothing wrong, Beyonce and Rihanna, they charge $500 for a meet and greet. I’m bout to do a meet and greet right now free. I been doing this for years, you know what I’m saying? I take pictures everyday. I just took twenty pictures. I hang in the neighborhood. I hang in the hood. So you know it’s average to me. I come outside everyday, pictures is average to me.

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Rumors that he was trying to creep with Tyga’s girlfriend Blacc Chyna on Twitter:

Yea, I don’t even know her. Me and Tyga we real cool, cool guy. I never even met his baby moms. I seen him with his baby moms one time. I don’t just be trying to get people’s girl, you know what I’m saying? Like, I never been that type, if me and you speak and we alright, me to try and get your girl. I didn’t even text him about that. I was about to text and say, ‘Yo man, this is crazy.’ On Twitter, DM’ing someone we don’t even say that in Philly, we don’t even talk like that.

Rick Ross being criticized recently on his lyrics:

I don’t even care about nobody criticizing no lyrics man. People rap about killing stuff all day man. Biggie said ‘rape your kid, throw over the bridge,’ back then and it was nothing, it was just hip-hop. Now you got all these weirdo’s on these social sites voicing their opinions about something anybody say. I don’t care; you know what I’m saying? I’m from the hood. I never really cared about what nobody said in no raps. Raps always been talking about killing, drugs, all types of stuff, you know what I’m saying? So you can’t just criticize no one thing nobody say man. It’s imaginary visuals.

Meek is currently working on the follow up his debut album “Dreams and Nightmares” and will be on tour throughout the summer. Check the full interview below.

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