[WATCH] Chrisette Michele Talks A Softer Side of Keyshia Cole, Ending A Negative Relationship With A Pastor & Being A Fat Vegan

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Still riding the waves of her successful mixtape, Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual PresentationChrisette Michele stopped by the Breakfast Club earlier this week to discuss  her fourth studio album ‘Better,’ in stores in June. The  30-year-old singer also discussed touring with Keyshia Cole, her  friendly relationship with rapper Wale, new book “Fat Vegan” and relationship status. Peep excerpts from the interview below.

On touring with Keyshia Cole:
What’s interesting, the first time I met Keyshia Cole was under very interesting circumstances but the second time was the day before yesterday backstage. She walked up to me and gave me a hug and whispered a prayer in my ear. I was just like wow.
 Her friendship with Wale:

Me and Wale, kind of came up together in the industry, it’s been seven years for me right now. Umm and so the first few years were kind of like me and Wale going back and forth like ‘yo I like this, I hate that,’ so we became really good friends over that period of time.

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 On why it’s hard for her to be in a relationship:

I’m not broken any more. I was very broken. I had a lot of tough relationships. I allowed myself to be in a lot of tough relationships. Then traveling so much, you kind of fall in love and then can’t see each other again you know what I mean? So I haven’t been able to have my heart anywhere.

 On doing guys dirty: 

I think I had a phase, you know, where you are exposed to so many wonderful, beautiful people and you say you know what; ‘I would love to come hang out with you and you as well as you’, with all due respect. But in order to keep myself together, nothing is really going to go down-down but we will have fun together.

On her book ‘Fat Vegan’:

What happened to me was, I juiced for 60 days. A writer named Harold Lilly got me up on juicing, so I did that and after that I felt so clean and spiritually refreshed, that I decided to just let it be a lifestyle. So I started off vegetarian and went vegan.

On her new album
I’m putting out an album called ‘Better,’ umm it’ll be out in June. I’m very excited about it. On Motown/Def Jam. Wale is on there. 2 Chainz is on there.
Chrisette Michele’s single “A Couple Of Forever’s’ has been in heavy rotation on radio stations and her book Fat Vegan will be in stores this summer. Check the full interview out below.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta