[Audio] Drake Wants The Media To Quit Picking On Chris Brown, ‘Stop Preying On His Insecurities’

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This is about to get ugly uglier, y’all. While you were ending your Friday, acting fake busy at work, or hitting happy hour up, two of our favorite industry fellas are sorta-kinda continuing their beef. Things are about to heat back up between Chris Brown and Drake. By now, you know the story –the two got into a scuffle of sorts, awhile back, that ended with bottle throwing, a lawsuit or two, all in a NYC club. Since the incident, the two have politely threw a few lyrical jabs at each other. And last week, while visiting Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, Chris Brown spoke about his beef with Drizzy, saying:

‘I mean, honestly, I think he’s a cool dude (in terms ) of music. It’s not even a thought. People just don’t like certain people.’

Fast forward to the present day, in an interview with Elliott Wilson on EVR radio, Drake has responded, quite clearly, might we add. In short, he wants us, the media (*raises hand*) to move on. He explained:

I just feel like, for the media. Don’t ask me sh*t about that man when I come up there. Stop preying on his insecurities, man. His insecurities are that I make better music than him, I’m more popping then him, and that at one point in life, the woman that he loved, fell into my lap. I did what a real n*gga would do. It shouldn’t be about tearing that man down. We have an issue. Just let us solve that sh*t. I don’t wanna hear that man rap…I just urge people, just leave that sh*t alone.
He continued:
I’m good. I don’t give a f*ck. My life is great. I’m excited about music. I don’t want sh*t. What do people even wanna see from it? He tryna work. I’m tryna work. You don’t wanna see two young black men tear each other down. At the end of the day, nothing good can come with that situation. I don’t wanna talk. People talk themselves into a mess. It is what it is.

Ouch. Check part 1 of the interview below:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

And peep Chris Brown’s official response, which goes a lil something like this:

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 9.05.17 PM

Sit back and watch another ’round, unfold. [Miss Info]