[NEW MUSIC] Talib Kweli Snags Miguel for ‘Come Here’ + Chimes in On Rick Ross & Reebok Debate

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 Known for his conscious and thought provoking rap lyrics, Hip-Hop lyricist Talib Kweli appeared on Hot 97’s The Realness, to voice his opinion on the recent Rick Ross controversy. Ross has been under fire for his verse on Rocko’s song U.O.E.N.O., where he talks about slipping a molly in a woman’s drink and taking her home. Kweli made it clear that he has no problems personally with Ross and is against censorship of artist music. Peep the excerpts below:

 I got my opinion just like everyone else in hip-hop. I’m not no authority on Rick Ross or Lil Wayne or anybody else. I’m not no authority, I don’t make no demands. I don’t have no power over these men but you know I state my opinion just like anyone else.

If people say something I don’t agree with, I have no problem saying that it’s wrong and I do think that Ross was wrong on those lyrics. I do think that and I made the statement very clear on my Twitter.

I think when it comes to Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, people, a lot of so called hip-hop fans just don’t like them in general; so are looking for other reasons to not like them. Where as they’ll accept rape lyrics from a Biggie Smalls or Eminem or an Odd Future. Where they look at that and they condone that but they won’t condone it from rappers who music they don’t like.”

His latest single with Miguel, ‘Come Here’ has been released listen below.


Kweli is expected to drop his latest album, ‘Prisoner of Conscious’ on April 23, 2013.


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