Ahmad ‘Real Givens’ Gives Update About Battle With Colon Cancer, ‘It Has Truly Touched My Heart.’


Last month, we shared the very sad news, surrounding Ahmad ‘Real Givens’. The former VH1 reality star (back in 2008 brothers Chance–real name Kamal Givens and Real–real name Ahmad Givens had a popular show called ‘Real Chance of Love’, where they were on a (staged) mission to find true love) was in a Beverly Hills hospital, fighting stage four colon cancer. Well, we have an update. This week, Ahmad posted a Facebook message, sharing the following:

“Hey everyone,I know its been awhile since I’ve been on here.I’m sure most of you know I have colon cancer.At this moment I would like everyone to know I am doing a lot better after the chemo,changing my diet and the biggest impact of all which is God.He is truly amazing….It has truly touched my heart to see the love and support I have received from family,friends,associates,the media and all the people on facebook and twitter.I want to say THANK YOU to everyone and all those who have donated.Your donations have helped more than you know and I don’t know how to thank you enough.I’m gonna fight this cancer with all my strength and with God’s grace and love,I believe I’m gonna beat this.I’ll keep u posted on my progress and again,I thank you for all the donations,love and support from everyone.Thank you and I love you all.God bless”

Let’s keep prayers up for Ahmad and all those battling this serious disease. [RATED RnB]