Kim Zolciak Talks Stolen Baby Names, ‘Tardy’ Lawsuit & Hugging It Out With Nene Leakes


Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta aired and of course there was no shortage of drama. As promised, Kim Zolciak made her final appearance on the show (wigless) to say her final good byes. During the reunion, the once friends and now enemies, Kim and Kandi Burruss battled over the baby name Kash which Kandi claims Kim stole and discussed their on going Tardy for the Party beef. Surprisingly, Nene Leakes and Kim shared a hug and have ‘seemed’ to work out their issues.In a recent interview with Hot 97’s K.Foxx, Kim discussed the good and the bad that took place on the reunion with her former castmates. Peep the excerpts below.

On the baby name debate with Kandi:

Kandi had accused me of stealing Kash’s name from her .She wanted to name her future child Kash and I guess I had read her blog where she said she had showed me baby Kash’s room in her new house when I was over there. I was seven or eight months pregnant when she moved into her house. So I brought some documentation that proves that I put Kash into a LLC long before she ever moved into her house and long before I ever saw her house. I told her last night that you don’t think if you showed me baby Kash’s room in your house that Bravo wouldn’t air that. Like give me a break–I’m not that person. I don’t appreciate her accusing me of something so ridiculous.

On the lawsuit over ‘Tardy For The Party’:

‘Tardy For The Party’ was originally wrote by my daughter [Brielle] when she was nine years old,  long before Kandi came on to housewives. If you go back to season one, Nene and I were singing ‘Don’t Be Tardy For the Party’ before Kandi was on the show, or I even knew of Kandi. It was a country version when Kandi came on season two of housewives.  Bravo thought it would be a good idea since she does have talent to go ahead and remix the song and make it hot. I’ve paid Kandi and in fact I’ve over paid her and in the media today you will hear about the document I filed in the court this morning. It has the checks that I’ve written her. It also has the check that she wrote me back.

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On reconciling with Nene:

Nene and I started this journey together and we’ve always had a level of respect for each other, even when we’ve gotten into it and called each other names–we’ve been through a lot. I think it comes to a point and time in your life where you’re just like its hard to have true friends in this business. We were friends before RHOA and we will be friends after RHOA .


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta