Ear Hustlin: Have Rick Ross & Designer Girlfriend Shateria Broken Up?


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Ladies (and gents) for that matter, if you’ve got a thing for big bellys, big beards, and big bank accounts, you’re in luck. Rumor has it that rapper Rick Ross is a single man these days.

A few months ago, we gave an exclusive on who Rick Ross’ girlfriend designer is, a Baltimore native named Shateria Moragne-El.

Last shots of Rick Ross and his girl Shateria Moragne-el in NYC before their Rolls Royce got shot up in Ft. Lauderdale today

Over the weekend, there were some vague reports that Ricky and Shateria were officially engaged. Long story short, the 37-year-old rapper had popped the question. Unfortunately, our friends at Baller Alert, paint another picture. The site reports:

Despite the rumors online that he popped the question, he and Shateria are not only NOT engaged, they aren’t even a couple. A source close to Rick Ross tells us that the rapper hasn’t talked to Shateria in over a month. Could she be leaking engagement rumors to try and keep her name out there for the sake of her clothing line? If so, there goes THAT strategy! Sorry Shateria.
These two were growing on me, but if the rumors are true, we’re sure they’ll bounce back. Besides, we’re told that Front Row is financed largely by Ricky, not to mention that these two have been dating for almost four years. Anywho, click here for the full story. P.S. Any other celeb women that we’d like to pair Mr. Rozay with? I have a suggestion, it’s one of his ex’s and she’d KILL me if I wrote her name :) P.S. Word travels fast, Shateria responded on twitter:
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As did Ricky:
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