[Photos] Rihanna’s Celebrity Hair Stylist, Ursula Stephen, Opens Salon in Brooklyn


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In between styling celebrities hair like Rihanna and Keyshia Cole, Ursula Stephen has expanded her business portfolio, opening up her first salon in Brooklyn. In an interview with Vibe Vixen, she explained:

People have been trying to get me to open a salon since I was 17. The location dropped in my lap. I couldn’t say no, and I was ready for my next chapter. Right now it’s all about individual style. The trends have been set solidly five or six years ago. People are still rocking it—the short hair, the braids. [They’re] just pushing the bar, finding what fits them.

When asked if she’ll keep styling some of our favorite celebs, she stated:

Absolutely. This is just another chapter in my life. I’m not giving anything up for it. It’s all going to balance out. I keep saying it’s my first salon, so I guess I’m putting into the universe that I’m going to do more. If it’s in the cards, I’ll roll with it.

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Radio Personality K.Foxx with Ursula


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