[Photos] Adrienne Bailon Launches Vegan Nail Polish Line

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Congrats to Adrienne Bailon! The former Cheetah Girl has launched her very own nail polish line, Fingertip Fetish.

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The line features polishes with dope names like ‘Hail A Cab‘, ‘BK We Go Hard‘ and ‘Concrete Jungle’, and has a price point of $8.99. What’s more? It’s 100% vegan, made without harmful, toxic chemicals. Check out Adrienne’s intro to Finger Fetish:

Welcome to Fingertip Fetish, my new luxury line of nail polish for those who demand the highest caliber of style from a company with ideals that go beyond bottom line. As animal lovers, we are proud to announce that all of our products are 100% vegan, and you can be confident that we use no animal testing in development or production. Also, while fashion may sometimes come before comfort, it should never come before health! Our products are made without harmful or toxic chemicals like DBP (look it up! It is nasty.) or formaldehyde. We make sure our paints are not only packed with style but also live up to our unwavering principles so you can breath easy knowing that your latest look was made with nothin’ but love.

Growing up in New York City, we learned early that a manicure is no longer limited to mom’s French tips or the standard red. For New Yorkers, a manicure is so much more – it is our weekly pampering and an expressive art displayed boldly on each fingertip. And as this creativity and energy continues to expand and grow from New York around the globe, each of us can proudly wear our creativity and show the artists within. Now we can choose to transform our manicure into a canvas for haute couture or a platform to broadcast our own brand of individuality and style

New York is not only the city where I was born; it is a way of life – a living, thriving, and always evolving culture. The “Made in NYC” collection incorporates the rich hues of New York, from Spanish Harlem’s “El Barrio” uptown to artsy-chic SoHo downtown and everything in between. When thinking of my city – my mind is brimming with colors: A rich Yankee blue, a bright taxicab yellow, or even the soft seafoam green of Lady Liberty… In my collection, we capture the eclectic and ever-beautiful lifestyle that is New York and transform it into unique paints made right here in the city that inspired them.

Made in New York, inspired by New York, this line was created for those who are proud to live as artists from fingertip to fingertip. With individuality, style, and the inspiration of the city I love, Fingertip Fetish’s Made in NYC collection is born.



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