Jay-Z Throws Skylar Diggins A Party + Jada Pinkett Smith Says Women Should Stop Looking At A Man’s Potential


d-skylar diggins-40:40 club-with jay-z-the jasmine brand

One of Roc Nation Sports’ newest signees, Skylar Diggins, was all smiles, and stylish, as she attended a private bash in her honor. A casually dressed Jay-Z was present, to help the 22-year-old WNBA baller celebrate.

c-skylar diggins-40:40 club-with jay-z-the jasmine brand

b-skylar diggins-40:40 club-with jay-z-the jasmine brand

skylar diggins-40:40 club-with jay-z-the jasmine brand


Welcome to Roc Nation, Ms. Diggins! And in totally non-relevant news….

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Sometimes, when I have nothing better to do and can’t find my ‘The Four Agreements‘ book to help me stay on the positive train, I stalk Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook wall. And usually find something decent, and short to read. These are my two favorites gems this week–one tells us (*raises women*) to stop looking for what a man may mature to be one day, while the second gives us permission to ‘break-up’ with a dear friend. She writes:

A letter to a friend: We spoke last night. Here are my only words. Make sure you are not falling in love with the POTENTIAL of someone. We must know the difference between loving people for who they already are vs. loving the idea of what they COULD be. Make sure you are loving him for who he is today. His potential should be the icing…not the cake. My humble thoughts. J

And here’s another one:

Letting Go. I have a friend that I had to lovingly let go. We had very different perspectives on what being a friend meant. There was no right or wrong…just different. Unfortunately, we lacked the ability to find a happy medium that made our friendship enjoyable, and we went our separate ways. Today, I realized that the ability for two people to separate, for the reason that you care for the other so much and desire them to be happy and accepted for who they are without question or doubt, IS a gift of friendship. We were able to take care of ourselves as well as one another. This experience gave me a different definition of “friendship”, and that at times “friendship” can come in forms we don’t recognize. I am grateful for the lesson. J