[Video] Kelly Rowland Won’t Identify Her Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Is, But Says: ‘He’s a better person now.’

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Continuing to promote her upcoming project (‘Talk A Good Game’), Kelly Rowland makes another promo pit stop, with the good folk at omg! INSIDER. Speaking with Kevin Frazier,  Kelly tap-dances around who the man is she’s singing about in ‘Dirty Laundry‘, while having an emotional moment when opening up about her relationship with Beyonce.

How she felt, while going through the abusive relationship that she sings about in ‘Dirty Laundry’:

It was an emotional roller coaster, a piece of me would just go away. Everytime he would say something…

What she did to keep the public oblivious to what she was going through in private:

You smile.

Why she thinks her abusive ex-boyfriend tried to drive a wedge between her family and Beyonce:

I remember those words. We all know how these relationships work. The person that’s trying to tear you away from the people that build you up, so they can tear you down.

What the Destiny’s Child song ‘Girl’ really meant:

They were talking to me. Those ladies know me better than anybody. At that time, I couldn’t hear it. I was really, just going in my own path. I was trying to find my way.

If she’ll identify who the abusive ex-boyfriend is:

That’s not important. But he’s a different person now. He’s a better person now. I had to walk away. You just get tired. You get tired of not being happy. That’s just not a life you want to live.

Check out the full interview below.