[Interview] ‘Married 2 Medicine’s’ Kari Wells Tells Her Side of the Story: Conflict, Brawls & Friendship

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 9.25.09 PMWith season one of Bravo’s Married to Medicine officially in the books, off-camera drama, involving an interesting casting call for new doctors wives, continues. Sassy British cast member Kari Wells recently sat down with TheJasmineBrand.com to discuss her views on the show, the infamous birthday party fight, and her relationship with creator Mariah Huq. Peep excepts below.

When Mariah first brought the concept to you [about the show] what were your initial thoughts?

Well the thing I love with what Mariah did was she had an idea and she followed through. I’ve always had respect for that because it’s one thing having a vison and it’s another thing actually taking it to completion and it seemed interesting to me. People love medicine. They love to hear about the dramas and so to me I thought, ‘this is going to be great,’ you know we are all mothers, we are all women who are racing around and so I thought it was a really good idea.
What’s been your least favorite part about the show?
The least favorite part was definitely the party at my house. That whole night was just really bad for everybody and it’s really sad that friendships were destroyed and it was avoidable. I thought but that was my my least favorite part and the fact that everyone was so hurt. Everybody was hurt in their own right and that was hard.
Looking back on the brawl, is there anything you would’ve done differently?
Definitely. I wished it hadn’t have been at my house ’cause I would’ve just said ‘bye, goodnight.’ I wished that Mariah wouldn’t have gotten the brunt of it because I didn’t know Toya was in the bathroom. Everyone thought that I’d called the police and said ‘get her out,’ but no. The guys was working– we live on a quiet street so you cannot park at night, so anyone who has a party has this guy working. He is a local cop– he does security for the neighborhood and Mariah knew he was working and as everyone was leaving everyone was like, ‘You need to get in there. There’s two women killing each other.’ So he comes in and I say, ‘make them stop’ and so Mariah said, ‘I’m not leaving. It’s my party’ and he goes ‘alright come on.’ I didn’t get involved and wish I’d have said, ‘Everybody lets calm down, lets all talk.’ I was in reaction mode so I didn’t. I didn’t know what to do. I regretted that. I did.
 Do you feel you were edited fairly?
No. I have the sick, wrong sense of humor. It’s very British and I think initially it made me look like a real snobby cow, a person I wouldn’t even like. I said those things, I did those things so you can’t really blame it on the edit. You can’t get to know someone in an hour. Its gonna be love hate times, but I’m learning to take the rough with the smooth.
What’s your friendship like now with Mariah? 

We are not hanging out and talking on the phone. I hope we get to that point. The relationship was definitely broken down after the show.

 What would you like to say to Mariah if you had the opportunity?

I have apologized. I called her when we finished filming and I apologized in January because I didn’t want to bring that bad energy into the new year and she heard me, but I think, you know, it takes her longer than it takes me and she’s apologized to me, so I feel we are over it, but time will tell.

Since the interview, which was done before the reunion show, Kari revealed more of her feelings in her recent Bravo blog posts. 

Although, the reunion definitely opened up some serious wounds, for all of us. I have learned not to hang onto these things. It is a truly a shame that Mariah did not feel mine or my husbands apologies were sincere. You cannot force a person to forgive you; you can only reach out with a sincere apology. I think it stems from a complete misunderstanding over the facts. We did not fall out over money, as Mariah stated on the reunion. That would have been so easy to fix. We fell out over the way she treated me, before, during and after our husbands’ birthday party, the way she treated the staff who worked that night and many others who she came into contact with. The lies, the drama and her inability to forgive and move on from the events that unfolded. In the end, I just had to distance myself from it. It was far too toxic to be around. Perhaps we both needed to heal?

Peep the entire interview below.

Part One

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