K.Michelle & Soulja Boy Argue Over Transgender Rumors, Fake Money & Smelly Hot Pockets

kmichelle and soulja boy-twitter beef-the jasmine brand

Unfortunately, we don’t even have the imagination to make this stuff up. Last night, while you were sleeping, cup cakin’ or minding your fabulous business, there was an ugly Twitter beef brewing.

Two reality stars/artists literally came at each other’s necks. K.Michelle and Soulja Boy were caught calling each other everything but a child of God. How did the beef start? Last week, while at Power 105’s The Breakfast Club the singer took verbal aim at Soulja, saying that he implied that he had sex with her [click here for the backstory].

Our guess is, Soulja caught wind of K.Michelle’s radio comments and was unpleased. The two took their disagreement to Twitter, making not so nice comments about private parts, sexuality and stuntin’. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve shared their eye-popping Twitter jabs.

K.Michelle on stage during Q&A-love and hip hop atl-nyc premiere-the jasmine brand

K.Michelle tweeted:

Listen here u d*ck sucker @souljaboy you’ve never met me a day in your life. GO talk to the transgender in Atlanta you been f*cking … Also tweet @souljaboy tweet the dudes that ran you out if Atlanta. Tweet ur life away 2night. I’m gonna pay u N dust just like Vh 1 does…Smh @souljaboy you are obsessed with