[INTERVIEW] Torrei Hart Announces Reality TV Plans, Birthing ‘Pretty Funny Fish’ & Why She’s Not Bitter About Her Ex-Husband’s Success

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Initially, most of us were introduced to Torrei Hart, as the ex-wife of buzzing A-list comedian, Kevin Hart. But these days, we’ve learned there’s much more to the mother of two besides her ex-hubby. Like the fact that’s she’s creating a name for herself, along side Simone Shepherd in ‘Pretty Funny Fish.’ Or the fact that outside of admitting to trying to physically fight ‘someone’ during their divorce hearing, she admits their marriage ending wasn’t ENTIRELY Kevin’s fault. Last week, we chatted with her about all thee above, getting all up in her love life (and yes, she absolutely wants to get married again), new projects (yep, she’s caught a case of the reality TV bug–guess who’s joining her?) and how she feels about Kevin’s girlfriend, Eniko. Peep a few parts of our interview below.

 When I first sit down with someone, I always ask them, ‘Who ARE You?’ 

 I am a mother, I am an actress first and let me just say that first because that is my passion. I don’t consider myself a comedian, a lot of people do. I’m a comedic actress but I don’t consider myself a comedienne. Comedians are a little crazy and I would like to think I’ve overcome my craziness. I’m not crazy. Comedic actress, a mom and whole lot of other things too. Writer, producer, there’s so much to me.

 How did you meet Kevin? 

We met in community college in Philadelphia, I was 20 and Kevin was 19. He was always making people laugh and me making laugh…We dropped out of school together, he really wanted to pursue comedy and I was just going to school to shut my parents up. I knew that wasn’t really what I wanted to do, I wanted to be an actress. I got a job at the phone company  and was there to support him and was there to help support him and his journey and the rest is what it is now.

With his career taking off when you were you a stay home mom?

I always worked. When I got pregnant with my daughter I did stop working. I was always taking acting classes and sewing and doing the womanly things, but I wasn’t fulfilled with just staying at home and being focused solely on being a stay at home mom. It wasn’t enough for me. I know what God put in me and it wasn’t just  enough for me to be a stay-at-home mom, but I do respect stay-at-moms because it is the toughest job ever in my opinion.


Where you bitter that his career was taking off? 

I was a little resentful because I did see his career growing and I was there from the beginning and I was his muse for all of his early material, if you date back to when he first started because we were always together and I was always in his life. I got a little more resentful when I had my daughter because I wasn’t able to go as many places with him as I was able to before. I felt like he was distancing himself.



How is the relationship between you and him, in the co-parenting aspect? 

Even going through the divorce, it got a little bitter but we still remained friendly. We would go through patches. Let a court date come up and that’s when it would get intense. I even tried to attack his attorney in court. She was good I was like, ‘Damn, she got to go down.’ I was trying to take her out. She was lying but she was good. And the funny thing is she is now my attorney…..We’re good friends. We had our ups and downs during the divorce. Right now we’re good at good parenting, were excellent actually at co-parenting, because he is working a lot, and when I work he comes and gets the kids and we just try to make it work. I wouldn’t want my kids to ever see us not getting along, or feel like ‘Okay, my parents can’t work it out.’ I feel like as long as you put the kids first, then you can do it and it does take time.

If Kevin does something huge, like ‘Real  Husbands of Hollywood’, do you congratulate him? 

Yeah, of course. At the end of the day, if he’s doing good, I’m doing good. I don’t want him to do bad and then my children watch everything that we do. They really watch everything that’s going (on) so they need to know that me and their dad are on the same level.

Do you get along with his girlfriend? 

We’re not enemies, but we’re not friends. I don’t feel like we can build the right type of relationship because there still something there. I’m not oppose to trying to build a better relationship with her, but I think it takes two to build a relationship.

Would you remarry? 

Sure, why not? Right now the place that I’m in, I’m not looking but I’m not opposed to it. I’ve learned a lot from that relationship, I’ve learned what I like, what I don’t like, what I’ll tolerate, how to be a better woman. Trust and believe it wasn’t all Kevin’s fault. There things that I could have done better. We got married so young, I didn’t understand what the role of a wife really is, just like he didnt understand the role of a husband, but both have learned from our mistakes.

What do you want your future husband to be like? 

Ideally, he has to be funny. Kevin is a lot of live up to. I don’t want him to be like Kevin but I want him to be successful, I want him to be funny, talented, I like artists. I love men that are into the artists, thats what I go for, I’m attracted to that. He has to be someone I can bounce ideas off of and maybe we can continue to build together.


Let’s talk ‘Pretty Funny Fish’ how did that start ?

It started with my partner Simone Shepard and actually we came together to do a show, that we are actually still working on and we started to create the other show, we were hanging together a lot more often and then one day we were in the kitchen watching ‘Basketball Wives’ so I was like ‘You know what that is a spoof, we need to spoof that.’ That was Tuesday and by Saturday we filmed it. From there  when it came out and got so much press and did so well, we were like, ‘We have something here’ and it just took off on its own….We’re both Picses,we’re both pretty and funny so Pretty Funny Fish.

I heard that you may be doing some reality TV is that true?

I am. The producers of ‘Hollywood Exes,’ we’re working with them right now. We have the cast together, fingers crossed it looks like something will be happening very soon. The cast that we put together is a very good cast and its not going to be just like ‘Hollywood Exes’ in that vain. We’re not going to be fighting. It’s gonna be wives, some ex-wives, some big players in Hollywood, real estate money managing people. It’s definitely in that vain, but we’re bringing a whole different twist to it.

Can you share anything else about the show, like the network or anybody else on the show? I’m going to assume Simone is going to be on the show.

Oh definitely, she’s gotta be on the show. I’m with her every single day.  Tyrese’s ex-wife Norma, Miguel Nunez, Rockmond Dunbar’s ex-wife, Mara Granderson, she is a big time real estate agent, money manager, phenomenal woman….It’s six of us. It’s a great cast of women, and not just women who are using a man’s name to move your self worth, they are actually very talented and driven.


Let’s talk about the work you are doing with Russell Simmons, what’s that about? 

Russell’s people contacted us, they saw our sketch the ‘Bow Down’ Beyonce behind-the-scenes Superbowl sketch and then they saw the ‘Basketball Wives’ sketch and so Russell Simmons is launching called, ‘All Def Digital’ in mid-July. They approached us and they loved our work and so they asked if we would supply the site with content. Now we’re working on two sketches and they loved them. One is ‘America’s Best Twerker,’ so yes I will be twerkin’….Barbara Walters sketch with Nicki Minaj where I transform into Barbara Walters. The story is Nicki Minaj’s butt implants have deflated and so when her butt implants deflated so did her career.

And here’s the full interview.

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