[VIDEO] Waka Flocka Says Being In Love Feels Like Catching ‘The Holy Ghost’

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After proposing to longtime girlfriend Tammy Rivera in May, Waka Flocka is in touch with a whole new feeling – love. In a recent interview with Peter Bailey, the Georgia native discussed finally deciding to get serious with his now fiancée, being a stepfather, and how his relationship has changed him for the better. Peep a few excerpts below.

How being in love has affected him: 

If I could you tell what love feels like, I would be a liar. It’s new everyday you wake up, it’s a feeling. It’s like a holy ghost feeling.


Realizing that every girl might not have his best interest at heart: 

Every girl I’m meeting now just want my check. Like, they don’t even want to meet you. They don’t care two cents about what you got going on. Plus, I know her. That became my best friend. So I called her again like, ‘Yo, man. I want to go all the way.’ She’s like, ‘Yo, Waka. You still wanna be a boy.’ So I had to play the cat and the mouse game. Then it all worked out. I feel like I’d rather hand her the world then hand her my hand.”

He also touches on Tammy’s daughter, Charlie, being a catalyst that continues to make their relationship even stronger. Initially, Flocka says that he was scared of getting serious with a girl who had a child, but her daughter grew on him.

How the relationship drives him to live up to his expectations of being her second father: 

 It makes you become a man; I’m her hero. I can’t let her down. If I’m the man she looks up to in her life and I let her down, she’s gonna expect that from every other man from this day forward.

The importance of parenting is something that Flocka continues to touch on, while discussing the role of music and television on today’s children. He explains:

I feel like you gotta blame it on the parents. People be tryna blame kids, you gotta blame the grown ups. They tryna blame it on the music, you gotta blame the parents.”

Peep the entire interview here.

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