J. Cole & Lil Pump Publicly End Beef

J. Cole & Lil Pump Publicly End Beef

Most so called ‘beef’ can be settled with a face to face discussion. Unfortunately, this does not happen often in hip-hop. In a teachable moment for the culture; J. Cole and Lil Pump recently sat down and spoke at length.

For so long in rap music, the older and newer generations disrespect one anther – fan and artist alike. This rift causes new wave rappers to feel misunderstood and rap vets to feel unappreciated. Factor in social media and you have the recipe for disaster.

This meeting of the minds between J. Cole and Lil Pump comes on the heels of a rap feud between the two. Many feel Cole dissed Pump on his “KOD” album. Pump returned fire on social media and at shows. Things were on the verge of getting out of hand. Cooler heads prevailed and the result is an eyeopening, heartfelt interview. Cole comes of like a mentor trying to understand a younger brother. Pump comes of like a young kid on the verge of manhood. Their discussion covered motivation, family life, money management and more.

There was no fronting; just raw honesty. J. Cole reflected on his insecurity with the younger generation saying,

What I’ma do, be scared of this? Deny this? Deny you expressing yourself however the f-ck you want to do that? …I’m resisting this sh*t when it’s really like, I should be accepting this sh-t. And appreciating that it’s different and that something new is happening.

Salute to these guys for sitting down with one another and setting a good example on how to settle
misunderstandings. See the full interview below.


Authored by: Kellie Williams