[INTERVIEW] Adrienne Bailon Vows To Keep Relationship With New Boyfriend Private + Explains Why Years Later, She’s Still Discussing Rob Kardashian

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She sings, acts, dabbles in reality Tv and now she’s a co-host on the new daytime talk show, ‘The Real’. Adrienne Bailon is stretching herself, in every sense of the imagination. These days, she’s sitting next to very opinionated women (Loni Love, Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry, Jeannie Mai), while holding her own. Recently, our TJB correspondent (Sabrina) chatted with her about the backlash she’s received from discussing her relationship with Rob Kardashian, why she’s opting to keep her current relationship mum and what sets ‘The Real’ apart from other daytime TV shows. Check out our conversation below.

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How it feels to be on ‘The Real’:

It has been so much fun. I have to be honest. I’m so honored to be on a table with such incredible women and the fact for the first time; we all just keep it real. We’re like real women just like everybody else – we go through things – relationships issues, body issues, all sorts of things that we talk about and we keep it real.

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What differentiates ‘The Real’ from other daytime talk shows:

Well, it’s not like some brand new format and I think we all recognize that we’ve never presented ourselves to be you know, some brand new genius format. What makes it different is us – the personalities that we have on, the fact that we keep it real and I think the fact that we’re honest, we’re not trying to be politically correct. We say exactly what we think – you think it, we say it!


Why she talks about Rob Kardashian on the show and how she handles criticism about bringing him up, years after their relationship ended:

I think, you know, as of late, it takes a lot of courage to be real. And I think people don’t realize that it also takes an open heart and open mind and not to judge. You never know what somebody else’s life experiences, you know – what’s not and then there. It’s an hour’s show, I can’t tell you may whole life in an hour but what I will say is that you know, I’ve also heard a lot of things like, “Why is she talking about Rob?” I have to speak from a personal standpoint – I have only had 3 relationships in my entire life – like boyfriends. So it was my 1st boyfriend, that was there for 10 years, Rob and then the man I’m with now. I can’t speak to you about what someone else’s experience – I can only talk to you about my life, my experience and Rob happens to be a part of that. And I think it’s sad that people will judge and be like “Well, why are you talking about him years later?”. Well, it’s actually my 1st time ever talking about it. He got his chance to speak about it on his reality show where he read emails about me and talked about me – entire episodes that were about me that really didn’t get my approval. So for years later, for me to just share my experience, I’m not trying to hurt anybody. If anything, I want people to be able to learn from what I went through. Getting a tattoo on my ass – not the smartest idea. But hopefully there’s a young girl out there that is considering that, saying to herself “That’s not a smart idea. Adrienne did that. Rob did that – not a smart idea.” I think he’d agree with that too so I’m sure he doesn’t want my name on his body either. Years later, I don’t think it’s saying anything negative but just keeping it real. And that’s my reality, that’s my life, that’s what I went through, and well, yeah.

Contrary to her very public relationship with Rob Kardashian, why she’s keeping her current relationship private:

Because you live and you learn. I’d be an idiot if I continued to do the same thing – You’d get the same results when you continue to do the same thing. Also, my man is not a celebrity. And I’m not trying to you know, go make a reality show of it, that’s not what we’re about. I think when I was younger, I didn’t realize in that time, that having a relationship that only lasted 2 years would still be around 9 years later – 6 years – you know what I mean? Like, I probably won’t do that again until I marry. If you are my husband, I will walk the red carpet with you. Until then, I love you to death but I don’t see the reason for that.

New projects, outside of ‘The Real’:

I’m excited obviously – ‘The Real’, I have music that is coming out later this summer. We’re actually mixing the record that is going to be coming out – I’m excited about that. I have a movie coming out October 18th, “I’m In Love With a Church Girl” – it’s an indie film that will be in theatres on October 18th – a faith-based movie. I grew up in church and I love the story. I feel like if I was able to do a bunch of other movies – why not do something that gives back to God and sends a message of positivity – so that comes out on October 18th, it’s me and Ja Rule. “I’m In Love With a Church Girl”.  “Fingertip Fetish”, my nail polish line – we’re going to be doing an L.A launch – we did a New York City launch and now we’re coming to do an L.A launch pretty soon so I’m excited about that as well.

Check out the full interview below.