Kelly Price Announces R&B Divas Tour! Guess Whose Not Invited?

r&b divas announce tour-the jasmine brand

The show must go on! Especially when it comes to the R&B Divas franchise’s off-camera work. The first season of R&B Divas LA has wrapped, but there are still some viewers that were disappointed that the cast couldn’t unite for a monologue performance. And while it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see all six women hold hands and sing Kumbaya, we will see some of the divas on tour. During an interview with, Kelly Price announced that some of the cast members from the Atlanta and Los Angles show will be touring together.

There is. Faith Evans, myself, Brownstone, Dawn Robinson, Keke Wyatt and Chante Moore!  And I know that it raises questions but, you know, again I will make this statement.  People are trying to make a television show.  If there was a danger of anything happening to Chante Moore being in the same intimate space with me, we would not be going on the road together.  And Miss Moore did agree to come on this tour.

So, what about some of the other cast like Lil Mo, Michel’e, Claudette Ortez, Monifah, Syleena Johnson, Angie Stone and others? Welp, they won’t be on the tour, but according to Kelly, it was not her decision:

That is the promoters call.  There are people who back the show and they put the money up and it is 100% their call.

No word from some of the other divas who won’t be touring with the rest of the cast, but reportedly, Lil Mo is touring with rapper Ja Rule. In an interview with Always A List, she confirmed:

Ja Rule and I were the ultimate Queens, NY blend because Brooklyn was winning USA,” Lil Mo told “We were number one so many times that people thought it was a conspiracy. Correction, it was chemistry! I am totally and humbly ready for round two!