Ex-NBA Baller Stephon Marbury Had Affair With Personal Chef, Paid Her $900K To Keep Quiet

Cheating, costs! Former NBA baller, Stephon Marbury’s alleged sexcapades with a former employee has landed him in an expensive situation. According to Larry Brown Sports and the NY Post, the 35-year-old Brooklyn native has had a sexual relationship with his family’s personal chef, and agreed to pay her $900,000 to keep quiet about the affair. Back in 2006, Marbury hired a family chef named Thurayyah Mitchell. The two reportedly had consensual sex five times, but Thurayyah  says that she felt pressured to have sex in order to keep her job. He fired her later that year, but made an arrangement to pay her $900,000.

Stephon & Wife, Tasha

Why did Marbury agree to pay her? He claims that he wanted to keep things quiet in order to avoid the embarrassment and to preserve his family life. In short, the payment was so that she wouldn’t discuss or share word of their affair. So why did he stop paying her? He was making around $17 million a season at the time of their arrangement, and agreed to pay the large total to Mitchell. However, he stopped making payments in January 2010 — after paying around $600,000 to her — and she requested to see an arbitrator for a ruling on the remaining amount. An arbitrator ruled that Marbury needed to pay Mitchell the remaining $300,000. The filing became public on Friday after Mitchell’s lawyers asked a judge to enforce the award. To date, there’s been no official statement by Marbury, however, his wife is rumored to be on the new season of ‘Basketball Wives’. What do you’ll think of the amount that she’s received thus far–more than fair or astronomical under the circumstances?