[AUDIO] Lil Mo Talks R&B Divas LA, Defends Kenny Lattimore + Spin-Off Show Rumors

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Fresh off of her first stint on reality TV, singer Lil Mo (real name Cynthia Loving, Jr.), dishes on all things R&B Divas LA. Argued as one of the break-out stars of the TV One show, Lil Mo speaks candidly about what her relationship is like with Kelly Price (post production), addresses speculation about singer Kenny Lattimore’s sexuality, along with rumors that she’s landed her own spin-off.  Check out the full interview below.

How she felt about the reunion show: 

It was everything. I think that was a perfect place that reunions should be. Bring every thing that frustrated you, every thing that made you happy, every thing that you wanted to get out, let, have and get done, you say it there at the reunion – just like a family reunion. You know, reunions happen and that’s where the good, the bad, the ugly goes down at the age you should get it resolved; and I’m totally satisfied with part one and part two. And they did little-to-no editing, like it wasn’t mad cut out at all.

Why she became emotional when she watched Kelly’s monologue about her being molested or raped as a child: 

It was the fact that I was thinking about when I was around that same age – like I guess this era of we’ll say between 32 to 43 – it just seems like everybody in that age bracket was molested by somebody at that age of 3, and it just brought up old memories and I was just like, I know when I had did my videologue, I had spoke about it briefly but I didn’t have a chance to cry because of time constrictions; so I just stayed to my page. Yesterday at the reunion, like I had to let it go because I was just like, “Yo, until you’ve got that thing gone, that thing’s gonna haunt you, that thing will invade your privacy, it will take over your life. It has even sometimes destroyed relationships because you don’t trust people”. You know, molestation, for someone to take advantage of you, it’s just like, it’s just….If I heard that she was raped – see, that word is real tricky – there’s molestation and there’s rape, I heard her say that she was raped at 3 years old by a female – I really want to look into that a little bit more because when we had met at her house, and she was telling us about it – and we were all just like “Wow”. When she told us about the situation with her female cousin, she said she was molested. And when she got on that stage, she said she was raped – I’ve never been raped – that word just does something to my soul because that was rape. You know what I’m saying? So I’m just like, “Okay, so now, the main reason why that she’s so defensive and standoff-ish or whatever the case may be, what ever she gave the cameras but then – what ever the case may be – something might have happened in her childhood, she needs to go get therapy because those are serious issues, like people don’t understand that. I get therapy! I think everyone – especially those in the music industry, you need to.

If she was surprised that Michel’e had been in an abusive relationship with Dr. Dr: 

Yes, Yes! You know what’s crazy is that honestly the one I’m closest with the most is Michel’le. I would be on the show and me and Chante had mad things together and we got closer ‘cause we worked together before and she loves my son Jonah she’s like “Oh my god, I want my little chunky baby!” So, she would just give him all these kisses and he loved her….So that was me and Chante’s closeness, but with Michel’le, we got close towards the end on a personal level – me and her talk on the phone a lot, but she’s never mentioned this to me. She told me that she was beat, but she never said who. So when I said I’m gagged for my life – all that time I thought it was Suge. I never knew it was Dre but, when she told us that – Remember he beat up the lady from that show Dee Barnes? He beat her up back in the day… That kiddo, he broke her nose hon, she’s five two, (five feet two inches) I’m four eleven (four feet eleven inches), he’s like six feet, he’s two of her! Are you kidding me right now?! It’s never that serious. And chances are she ain’t even do nothing. Her light body and I’m pretty sure it was lighter then she was –That’s his son’s mother. Unacceptable.

On her thinking that Suge Knight was the ex that was rumored to have been abusive: 

All this time I thought it was Suge. I never knew it was Dre. I always thought that he tried to keep the peace because you know, he had an industry to uphold… Every time I think of Dre all I think about is Eminem, and just hit records, and just stuff like that, and all the things he’s accomplished. I would have never thought he’s a woman-beater till she reminded us of a lot of females that he puts his hands on. But I ain’t never put a hand on no man like… No, I can’t.

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On the last time she’s spoken to Kelly: 

At the reunion. Yeah, that’s it. That hug to me, that was staged. I think the wizard, one of her wizards told her to hug me. I didn’t hug everybody because, she hugs and then after that nobody spoke again, and then I tell you something – it’s double-staged. If she really – maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but if she really meant that then, what hurt my feelings was – This is the stuff y’all won’t get to see, is that Michel’le is a sweet person. My makeup artist said: “Girl, there go a” –‘cause she has another name for her- but she wants Michel’le to meet her and said nobody’s allowed by her dressing-room. Talking ‘bout Kelly’s dress and I thought, “Are you serious? She got called out to the door? I said, “I care”. That’s when she got on that stage and try to act like she was humble and nothing went down. I’m just like: “Are you serious right now?” Child, I can’t. I can’t. I don’t have anything to say to her. So if we do a theatre tour she’s in, they don’t have to write anything with me and her together. Like no please – not even a drama thing. ‘Cause I’m not gonna say anything to her. I do not trust her spirit.

If she has interest in having a sit down conversation with Kelly: 

No, because I don’t believe it would be genuine. I don’t know if it’s ‘cause I’m a Scorpio, but when I’m over it I let it go. I wish her the best she’s doing that tour and her book….But as far as personal, no. As far as business, that’s something that my lawyer and their lawyer would have to discuss behind the scenes if we do a second season. But I would wanna get paid extra to have to deal with her. If she’s one of the people that you have to deal with, you can’t just be like chalkin’ it up. It’s a total different feel. And I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t feel anything genuine about it.

If she was offended when Kelly announced the tour that she was not a part of: 

No, it didn’t bother me, I was like, “Oh Lord, here she go on one secretive surprises again.”

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If she knows why Dawn missed the reunion: 

 I don’t know, I don’t care, and she wasn’t missed…… I think she was scared. Child, as soon as she heard – I don’t think it had to do with no gag, can’t nobody gag nothing. They just talk about that situation for the longest, and that’s what she told the producers to get picked for the show. So she had no choice but to talk about it or else she could have stayed in her own home. Like what else is she supposed to talk about?

If she’s ever heard rumors questioning Kenny Lattimore’s sexuality: 

Well that’s crazy. I didn’t even know there were reports … and I’ve never heard anything about his sexuality. Truth be told, people say Usher’s gay, people say Justin Bieber’s gay, people try to say ; they say everybody’s gay. So I don’t know. I’ve never seen him with a man, I’ve never seen him- like I’ve never seen that. Every time I see him, he gives me like that nice vibe. And I be like, “Yo you’re are so freaking nice!’ And I say, “Do you ever get mad?” And they’re just like, “Yeah sometimes I get upset”. Well you can’t even tell the truth at getting mad. Like that’s how it is. He’s just really a humble guy and that’s a rare thing. I don’t know what went on in their marriage and I’m not going to speak on it, but if she has valid proof that there was some infidelity and claims and his sexuality then that’s between her and her guy and the vow that they made. Because don’t nobody all of a sudden be, “Ok, now I’m gay.” It don’t work like that. He’s either been there or done that or whatever the case may be, I’ve never picked that up from him. Maybe his niceness may have been the thing- I don’t know.

If she agrees that reality TV has revived her career: 

Oh yeah definitely. Any time you’re on TV, it will revive anything – for the simple fact that I did everything as an artist – even when I didn’t want to, I gave personality, I got my hair and makeup done every day, I didn’t repeat an outfit, I just gave it up for the camera. So it was just like, that’s what people wanna see – of course it’s a show but would it be a reality T.V, you’re just not certain. You’re supposed to be real and it can’t get no more real than what I did and everything that I did on my bucket list is accomplish with this show so I’m not even mad. All the blessings and the doors that are flinging open is because I decided to trust the process.

If there have been any meetings or discussion about her getting a spin-off: 

Oh no, I’m not going to have those yet. Only because some part of it – R&B Divas –  so what I’m going to do is great so I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a second season unless something really crazy happens. So we’ll see, but I do want a spin-off, I got to just see if I’m contractually allowed to do that but you know that’s something that my lawyer and ThinkFactory Media should discuss. It can be fun, like a talk show or something like that, I like all these shows that are coming out like having entertainers on it, co-hosting stuff. I would love to have a Wendy’s show because I love her energy…Nobody ever felt on that stage, like “Okay, I’m gonna have to fight up here”. No, my heels were too high, my makeup was too big, my hair was too laid, my work is too snatched to be up there trying to fight somebody. You know what I’m saying? It costs too much money to produce that whole situation for my career and mess it up. And I want it to be worth it. I know a lot of people – they’d probably wrote me off because they thought I was going to be the problem child for one but a lot of people have hit me up like, “Yo, you know? I never expected you to be my favorite but were one of my favorite”.


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On who she’d like to see removed on season two: 

See, it’s real difficult to say. I would say that its not about removal, sometimes it about addition. Dawn doesn’t have to come back because she kept on saying “ghetto’ and this that, but I’m telling you, Yo, all the ghetto things that happened from her, from the backbiting  talking about people, to the not wanting to perform, to making excuses, the car situation, to everything, I was like, “Girl, you have the nerve to call the pot. Like come on son”. But she doesn’t have to return. I’d really like Claudette to open up more because she really has a great story….Chante was perfect, I’m going to see her the second season –  because I’m pretty sure that Kenny situation and the divorce and the child support – that’s not going to keep on sustaining but it’s just like – nobody wants people to keep on talking about my baby daddy, or he could be gay, this and that, nobody wanna keep talking about that … Well, Michel’le, she could be more vocal – a lot of people say, “Oh well, you know, I can’t get over her voice”, but just like her personality and her – that’s enough like, yeah get into her, then she’ll tell more of her stories – some more in the 2nd season. …I think it would be great to add people like, maybe like Shanice or something like that.

How she feels about Keyshia Cole apologizing to her friend, Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child): 

That’s a great stride. I don’t know if there was a management or personal decision but that’s how you keep it moving. I didn’t even know she apologized…Sometimes all you got to do is apologize and say sorry and mean it and keep it moving. Because life is too short. That’s very honorable.

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