Ovary Hustlin’: Eva Marcille Shares Baby’s Heart Beat

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Sharing is caring, especially when you’re knocked-up and happy. And that’s exactly what both model Eva Marcille and producer Kevin McCall are–happy and expecting.

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This summer, the couple confirmed the news that they were expecting a bundle of joy with BET:

Being able to bring a life into the world is every woman’s dream but for me it’s more than just a dream it is a magical, mystical journey which I get to share with this amazing man. Kevin is the only man who I would share this moment in life with.  My life continues to be a bundle of incredible experiences.  get to do this incredible show on BET and I get to be a mom and live this amazing life that God has bestowed upon me. Who could ask for anything more?

She also dished about her pregnancy telling Latina Magazine,

To see your stomach get bigger, to feel this leg kick inside of you, and then to see the baby, it’s like, ‘Whoa! There’s really a baby in there!’ There is no glow! Your skin changes. It gets horrible … My hair is already oily, so I don’t need it to get any oilier, but it is. And I don’t need it to grow faster. I like my hair short.

This week, the couple shared a sonogram. Check out the baby’s heart-beat, with the father remixing:

Cute! Check out a few more pregnancy photos of the former America’s Next Top Model Winner!

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