Samuel L. Jackson Talks Losing His Virginity At Age 11 + IRS Slaps K.Michelle With $52k tax lien

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Samuel L. Jackson has never been the type to hold his tongue. In a recent interview with Playboy Magazine (yep, Playboy!), the 64-year-old Jackson recently opened up about losing his virginity when he was 11 years old while visiting relatives. He explained,

There was a family of girls who lived through the woods from us, and we all used to meet at this creek and swim naked. I was about 10 or 11. I think two of the girls were about 14, 15, so that’s when it happened. Girls were interesting to me, period. They could be fat, skinny, tall, short, ugly, beautiful – as long as they were willing to do that thing.

In 1980, Jackson married  Latanya Richardson and two years later the couple welcomed their only child daughter Zoe. And in totally non-related news…

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The outspoke Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, K.Michelle, has just been hit by the IRS. According to TMZ,  they have filed a $52,415.09 tax lien claiming she didn’t pay enough in taxes in the years 2008 ($47,710.46) and 2009 ($4,704.63). Reportedly, 2008 was a huge year for her, as she signed with Jive records and in 2009, she released a single with Missy Elliott. Business slowed down until she signed onto the VH1 reality show in 2012. Tuesday morning, K. responded on Instagram, writing:

Another day another headline. No jail time for me yet. Your stuck with me. Damn Uncle Sam why you wanna stick me 4 my paper??? LOL. Nice try Bloggers it’s already been settled strippers need to tax breaks too.

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