Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin Blame ‘Blaxpoitation’ For Leaving Love & Hip Hop: ‘We didn’t want to compromise our dignity.’

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Fans were somewhat surprised when rapper/reality stars Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin decided to leave VH1’s Love & Hip Hop after only two seasons. After all, according to the couple, they were the creators and a focal point. In an with CocoaFab, they reveal the real reason why they left the show and if they have regrets. Peep the excerpts below.

On Love & Hip Hop: 

[Jim Jones] That is our baby. That’s like a bad ass kid that we didn’t want. That was our template.  ‘Love & Hip Hop’ above anything else, above all, if we didn’t walk in and tell them the way we wanted to be on television and the way we wanted our show to be, which was ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ no one would have anything to do with any type of ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ I just hope somebody will give me a high five and say, ‘Thank You. For the fact that they got a job and a career and something going in their life.

[Chrissy]: It turned into Gladiators.  I felt like we were back in the Roman times. You bring somebody in and it was survival of the fittest and that’s never what I signed up for.

On why they chose to walk away:

[Jim Jones] Me and Chrissy were asked to do the third season of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ and we would have been executive producers on the show because they know it was our show. But because we don’t choose to compromise our dignity and we’re not willing to jump off a roof for this blaxpoitation, we would rather do our own television show and fight our own battles that way.

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On if they regret leaving the show: 

[Jim Jones] It’s cool for them but thats not what we were interested in. I tip my hat to them for making the show a success but it won’t be a success without making a mockery of me or Chrissy or us compromising any morals we have.

Season two of Chrissy & Mr. Jones premieres October 28th on VH1. Check out a teaser of their new season:

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