[Video] 2 Chainz Explains Why He Wants To Do A Sex Tape, His Accidental Kelly Rowland Diss + More

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In a recent interview with the Urban Informer on DC radio station 93.9, rapper 2 Chainz (real name Tauheed Epps) clarifies the Kelly Rowland musical jab (that folk were talking about in a recent single), his interest in making a sex tape (yep, you read right) and more. Check out a few excerpts below.

Why he chose to do a cookbook: 

It was about educating the people in an entertaining way and trying to change our eating habits. For me I have a few stomach ailments and I also have a chef. I have a few different meals that I enjoy eating while I am out on the road, on tour. So I put a cookbook with my deluxe album along with three new songs.

On doing a sex tape: 

We all got those dreams of being in the movies and for me I wanted to make my own personal sex tape and maybe put it on Netflix in the next four to five years.

On why he thinks his career took off: 

I think my hard work started paying off. A lot of the seeds that I planted early in my career just started to grow. Lucky for me, I was picked by the big man upstairs to be a successful artist. I think that everybody is given some type of talent. For me, if it’s not rapping than its to inspire people.

On the hardest part of being 2 Chainz: 

Trying to make everybody happy. Thats one of my guilt trips. Just trying to make sure that everybody leaves with some tyoe of smile on their face.

How he feels about children including his listening to his music: 

I parent my children. I feel like others should parent there’s as well.

On calling Kelly Rowland ‘second best’ in new DJ Khaled song: 

It was a rhyme. It was nothing. In society people try to igg on negative stuff. Shortly after that, I was like ‘just playing’ the whole beat dropped off [in the song]..I even thought about changing the line. Its just artist and the way they express it. Its no hard feelings towards Kelly.

On his style:

For me, I feel like I’ve always been one to be fashion forward. My first look in the game ‘Duffle Bag Boys’ with Lil Wayne, I had Gucci shoes, Gucci belt, Gucci bag. In high school, I was down with the Polo and a few other things, as far as swag. For me, its just something that came with the turf. I’m from the southside of Atlanta, College Park. We like to swag up a lil bit.

Peep the full interview.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta