Soulja Boy Checks In From Jail – Claims ‘Biggest Comeback Of 2019’ With New Music, Tour & Movie [VIDEO]

Soulja Boy Checks In From Jail = Claims ‘Biggest Comeback Of 2019’ & Promises New Album & Movie

Soulja Boy is plotting his comeback for when he’s released from jail. He checked in while he’s behind bars at the L.A. County Men’s Detention Center during his 240-day sentence Sunday. He was arrested after violating his probation after officials discovered weapons in his home. Interestingly enough, police obtained a search warrant after reports he kidnapped and physically abused his girlfriend. He had 40 days credited to his sentence after being arrested in March. Police picked him up during a meeting with his probation officer.

Soulja Boy

He called his manager, CEO Miami Mike, and left a message for fans that was posted to his Instagram.

“Hey what it do man you already know what it is. This ya boy Big Drago, Big Soulja, Young Draco reporting live from the L.A. County Jail. I’m just letting all my fans know I’m gonna be home real, real soon. The biggest comeback of 2019 continues, you hear me? It’s going down, you know what I’m saying? The album on the way, the shoes on the way, the movie on the way.”

He went on to thank his fans for their support.

“Shout out to all my fans that’s been writing me. I’ve been reading all y’all letters. I appreciate it. I’m going on tour. Like I said, the biggest comeback of 2019. You know I do this man. Shout out to everybody that’s been holding me down, that come to visit me, put money on my books. I love all my fans. It ain’t over. It’s a minor setback for a major comeback.”

Just before his arrest, Soulja shut down rumors he was on drugs.

“First of all, I want to say, for everybody that’s saying, ‘Oh Soulja Boy look like he on drugs. Soulja Boy look bad, like he on crack – he on powder.’ B*TCH! Don’t play with me like that! I ain’t never did crack in my life, B*TCH! I’m a millionaire! I’m worth motherfu*king $30 million, nigga! I never did cocaine in my life ­– don’t play with me like that!”

He said his new appearance that concerned fans was the result of a car accident.

“I was just in a bad car accident two days ago, b*tch. I almost lost my life. I hit my fu*king face on the fu*kin dashboard of the car, and my sh*t swole – and my teeth – I need surgery and sh*t, nigga. Don’t be making fun of my appearance and my fu*kin’ looks, nigga. Talkin’ bout I look like I’m on drugs.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson