Ashley Reid Explains Why She Blasted Chilli On the Radio ‘I Am A Passionate Person With No Filter’

ashley reid-releases statement about blasting chilli-the jasmine brand

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us and a recent statement by Ashley Reid, Pebbles’ daughter, explains just that. As you’ll recall, a few days ago, we shared her recent comments about the VH1 film, Crazy Sexy Cool. Specifically, she explained how upset she was about how her mother was portrayed in the film. Specifically, she went hard-core on the group’s member, Chilli, saying:

I’m not gonna talk about Chilli sucking my father’s d-ck or most of the d-cks in the industry in the 90?s…That has nothing to do with the fact that she is a lying person, I won’t even call her a whore anymore. She’s claimed that we got it.
Things got even more heated (if that’s possible), when she angrily noted how she’d like to get physical with the singer:


Welp, cooler heads have prevailed-or at least we think. This week, she released a statement, via Imaging Success Group, on why she went H.A.M. about the film and Chilli. The statement reads:

Being tactlessly defensive is a choice, and may not be the most affective. It was my choice. Violence is not what I represent. For those that know me, either personally, through my weekly radio talk show, or my art-they know that I am a passionate person with no filter, that what I said, was in anger. In anger, many things are said out of intense emotion. The same applies to a desperate attempt to threaten credibility, defame, and villainies. Someone’s character in order to generate publicity. That was TLC’s choice. My voice is my own and is not reflective of my mother’s opinion. Despite the lies and slander depicting in the movie and over the past 20 years, my mother loves TLC and always has. Under no circumstances will I ever apologize for defending the people I love and what I know is right.

We’ll wait and see how this one plays out.