EBONY Snags D.Wade, Spike Lee & Boris Kodjoe For Multi-Cover Issue Dedicated to Trayvon Martin

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In response to the watershed moment experienced by the Black community after the “not-guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, EBONY magazine has devoted four separate September 2013 cover issues to Trayvon Martin and explores the “Stand Your Ground” laws. According to the site, the magazine’s groundbreaking September 2013 issue will explore concerns around racial bias, how to find solutions for those concerns and how to heal and move forward. The four covers include: Trayvon’s parents and his brother, Jahvaris Fulton; Spike Lee and his son, Jackson; Dwyane Wade and his sons Zaire and Zion; and Boris Kodjoe with his son Nicolas.

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The feature also includes an in-depth interview with Trayvon’s father, Tracy, just 19 days after George Zimmerman was found not guilty on all counts in the death of his son. Tracy explained:

One of the biggest points I made is the fact that we need to let the world know who Trayvon really was. I don’t want this verdict to dictate his character. I wanted to start the conversation on what do we do in moving forward.

He also explained that one of their main goals is to get folk registered to vote, as it

means you are at least considered to serve on a jury.  As a juror for a case like this you can help make the kind of decisions for a chance at fair justice.

Check out the multi-cover issues.

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