[Video] Wyclef Tells Wendy Williams, Why He Talks About His Affair With Lauryn Hill In New Book

This week, everybody and their play cousin has been buzzing about Wyclef’s new memoir Purpose, An Immigrant’s Story. While The Fugee’s member opens up about a ton of personal life stories, one of the more intriguing bits of information is the intimate relationship that he had with Lauryn Hill. In short, while he was married, he had an affair on his wife with Lauryn for over a year. Lauryn got pregnant by Rohan Marley and Wyclef allegs that Lauryn misled him into believing that the child was his. Wednesday morning, he stopped by Wendy Williams and briefly explained why he shared his affair with the world. Peep the clip.

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/zx_gERxKJhw[/youtube]