[Interview] ‘Best Man Holiday’ Actors Harold Perrineau & Regina Hall Explain Their Hardest Scenes to Film: ‘It was REALLY hurtful.’

jasmine brand-[Interview] 'Best Man Holiday' Actors Harold Perrineau & Regina Explain Their Hardest Scenes to Film

By now you’ve either seen The Best Man Holiday or it’s on your must-see list. The sequel that defied many critique’s expectations on opening weekend is redefining friendship, love, and holiday cheer this year. 14 years later we have our own reunion with the cast as they venture back together once again. Since the return of the original cast members, many has changed but through it all the couples at the very least have stuck it out. One couple, Julian “Murch” and Candace “Candy” began their journey at the end of the first film and we resume after they are married with kids and embarking on a major hurdle that will rock their marriage. The Jasmine BRAND sat down with the their real life personas’ Harold Perrineau and Regina Hall to talk about their scenes, black acting in Hollywood, and which star passed at first on the sequel.

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TheJasmineBRAND: What was your initial reaction when you got the call about the sequel?

Harold Perrineau: When we first got the call we were just excited.

Regina Hall: I passed it. [Laughs]

Harold Perrineau: [Laughs] That’s why I love doing interviews with Regina. She did pass it, [Laughs] but no, no we were really excited. We went to dinner, Malcolm talked to us about it. He was like I have this idea for a script here’s what I think the characters are going to do, what do you guys think about it?’ And I was in.

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