[VIDEO] Nia Long Criticizes Reality Stars In Hollywood, ‘They’re NOT Actors!’


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It’s quite evident, reality stars are turning they’re non-scripted careers into some serious business moves in the entertainment world. And if you chatted with most of them, they’re ultimate goal is to seg way into Hollywood. A few have successfully done it, making it even more competitive for real actors. This week, actress Nia Long spoke quite candidly about how reality stars are being booked for movie roles. While promoting ‘The Best Man Holiday‘ at Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, she was asked how she felt about some of them in Hollywood. She explained:
They’re not actors. They are trying to make them into actors and they’re making money and they don’t have to play them a lot, which makes it hard for the actors that do get paid to act.
She added that she’s not a fan of reality TV:
I think we’re portrayed in a negative way on most of these shows. At least I know me and my friends, we want to see stuff that’s smarter, you know….that can entertain but also that’s intelligent.

The mother of two also shared a story about turning down a film, because she didn’t feel as if a certain artist was worthy of doing a love scene with her.

I have actually said…there was a guy I won’t say his name but they wanted him in a film that I was going to do, and I was like absolutely not.

She joked:

And I said, I’m Nia Long Beyotch. It was music and I just didn’t feel like he was worthy to be in a love scene with me. I was like no. It was full on love scene and I was like, no thank you.

Peep the entire interview below.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta