Kevin Hart Talks DUI & Ending Marriage With Vibe: ‘My divorce was primarily my fault.’

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In his first cover story with VIBE opposite of Drake, comedian Kevin Hart has landed the magazine’s race themed issue. The 33-year-old funny man chats about his upcoming role on ‘Ride Along‘ (alongside Ice Cube), his first DUI since becoming famous and divorcing his ex-wife, Torrei. Check out a few excerpts.

On why so many Black comedians seem plagued with personal problems as opposed to white counterparts:  

A lot of these people had a hard time adjusting to success, fame and attention. It doesn’t mean that they’re bad people. It’s not just black people, white people too. I feel like you go through these problems because your surroundings change. Those who are true to their surroundings and themselves can maintain a sense of normalcy. I made my mistakes, my divorce was primarily my fault, and I take that on the chin. I take my negative moments and find positive ones.

On if he thinks his divorce was a byproduct of his success or just relationship issues: 

That was just not knowing how to say, “I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore,” and trying to continue a relationship while I was outside of it doing other things and trying to justify it. Then maturing and having enough balls to say, “I don’t want to do it.” When you can do that, it should make you a better person. But for some people it’s a different effect. Bullsh*t happens, and the spiral of bullsh*t takes them down a further road of bullsh*t. You have the drugs and drinking and that other dumb sh*t. I got a DUI. Am I an alcoholic? Hell, no. Have I jumped behind the wheel of a car after having a drink? Yes. Have I been drunk? No. I’m not doing it anymore. It’s stupid. I realized how many people’s lives were at risk over one dumb decision, so I invest in a driver. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Some people don’t have the same thought process.

Click here for the full issue.

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