[VIDEO] Tyrese Admits Being Depressed After Paul Walker’s Death, Credits Dubai & Will Smith For Bringing Him Back to Life

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The world was shocked when ‘Fast and Furious‘ star Paul Walker died late last year. As expected, close friend and co-star Tyrese Gibson had a very tough time dealing with his passing and recently took a 15-day sabbatical to Dubai with Will Smith and his family. In his first interview since his death, Tyrese stopped by the Arsenio Hall Show and discussed the trip, finding his happiness and being thankful for the support of the fans. Peep the excerpts below.

On his visit to Dubai and Paul Walker’s death: 

Dubai was great. I just got home yesterday. I found smile again out there it was amazing.Everyone knows what ended up happening at the end of the year with Paul Walker my best man. I was with him four days before it happened. We were on the [road] shooting and it was a lot of shock and trauma for the family and all of us involved ’cause he’s such a nice guy. I’ve never been depressed in my life but I was sad and down and it took me a minute to shake it. I just turned 35. On a spritritual level I got this thing where I say god sends me emails about what to do, where to go, who to communicate and connect with and he sent me an email to go to Dubai.

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Being with Will Smith during his visit:

Will Smith is my best friend and mentor, the most amazing guy ever. Listen what we did in 15 days, we feel like we’ve already lived eight months of 2014. It was that amazing out there.

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His love for fans supporting him through the hard times: 

A lot of times, we can take people praying for for granted, but it’s really a form of rebuilding when you’re in pain, confused and going through thangs. So all of the prayers, tweets and posts and Instagram that you’ve sent all of us love ya’ll and appreciate y’all and thank you. It really means a lot.

How will Paul’s character will be handled in the movie: 

That’s stuff that’s being figured out now. There’s a lot of sensitivities on how to move forward…This is my first interview since it happened and what gave me my smile again is really thinking about the fact that I’ve never seen him cry, never seen him sad and his energy was always up so I’m like why would I be crying, sad and messed up.

Watch the clip.

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