[WATCH] ‘We’re Not Lesbians!’ Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena & Girlfriend Cyn Santana Talk Sexuality & Relationships

image (8)This week, Love & Hip Hop NY couple Erica Mena and Cyn Santana stopped by New York’s Hot 97′ Morning Show (with Peter Rosenberg and Ebro) clarifying just how authentic their relationship is. If you’re a LHHNY junkie, you’re quite aware that Erica, 26, and model on the rise Cyn, 21,have been dating since shortly after Erica had a messy breakup with VH1 co-star and ex-manager Rich Dollaz. Since they (Erica and Rich) have called it quits, Erica has moved on with her lady creating quite a “thirsty” reaction with the viewers and fans. During the interview, the ladies revealed a lot about their sex life-from the size of their boobs, to if Erica uses toys or not and ending with Erica’s carpet munching skills. Also, if you’re wondering if her and Rich still have a fling going on, she clearly states that she has no men in her life and is focused on her girlfriend. Check out the more ‘interesting’ parts of their interview.

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On what makes Erica good at love making:

Cyn: She’s very experienced.

Erica: I’m passionate I take my time.

Cyn: Im very passionate too! She’s just way more experienced and I’m still stuck in my comfort zone

On Cyn’s sexuality: 

Cyn: I’ve kissed girls before, I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl. She kinda forced me, had me pinned to the wall. I wouldn’t consider myself a lesbian.

On if Erica is the man in the relationship: 

Cyn: We still like men. When she likes a guy, I know, and when I like a guy, she know, it’s like ‘oh!  he’s cute’ and that’s it.

On why they don’t consider themselves lesbians:

Cyn: We’re not lesbians, we like d*ck too!

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On what convinced Cyn, who had never dated a woman before, to give Erica a chance:

Cyn: She harassed me. Like I’ve kissed girls before. I was like pinned to the wall and I had no f**king choice and I liked it.

Erica: I had to put in a lot of hours for her.

On if they consider marriage:

Erica: It has to be in Jersey.

Cyn: It has to be legal.

On if they feel competitive with each other about their looks: 

Cyn: No

Erica: If she looks good, I usually have sex (smash) with her before she leaves.

Watch their full interview below.


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