[VIDEO] Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin Share Marriage Secrets: ‘We take care of each other.’

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It’s been over a year for Hollywood star couple, Meagan Good (32) and DeVon Franklin (36), and the fire still seems to be burning between these two. We caught the couple giving lovebird behind the scenes of the Essence Magazine spread.

Since their high-profile marriage began, both have been transparent about their courtship and union. Meagan says:

We both have moments where I feel like, we feel like little kids.  And we take care of each other, and we look out for each other, and we advise each other. And we’re not embarrassed to be in that vulnerable place with each other and really be honest about what that looks like and feels like. But then, we really are best friends.
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DeVon adds that his ultimate goal is to grow together, years from now.
A dream for a marriage is, wanting to continue to grow in love. That’s not a given. That’s something that has to be cultivated and worked on. So, I want 30, 40, 50 years from now to still be deeply in love and continue to want to get to know her and learn about us as husband and wife. First and foremost, it’s really about keeping this as the number one priority. She has taught me that, you believe you can be who you really are, you know. But it takes someone coming into your life that can help you do that . She’s really given me the confidence to do that and life has been truly amazing because of it.
Meagan confesses that her now husband helped her heal from some of the personal damage that she had experienced:
He has helped me, just grow as a person and deal with some of the areas where I was struggling and some of the areas where there was some damage. You know, some places I just in essence needed to grow and be healed.
And while they absolutely plan to have a family with children, don’t expect Meagan to be on the red carpet with a baby bump soon. She says:
We definitely want kids. We’ve already talked about names and things that we want to teach them. But we definitely want to wait a couple of years. Just to have time for each other first. And you’re a parent for the rest of your life…Because we’re still big kids.
DeVon adds:
Yes, let’s get to know each other as husband and wife, have this fun time, and then.
Check out the spread from their Essence featuring (February 2014) and behind-the-scenes footage.

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