Paycheck Hustlin’: Husbands Don’t Get Paid On Real Housewives of Atlanta: We get perks & benefits.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been getting a lot of attention lately. Most recently, the brawl that happened on last Sunday’s episode and the big debate on who started it. The women have been fixtures in the reality TV world and have made names for themselves in other business ventures as well.  The ladies have been featured as guests on several media outlets, however, the husbands have been making their press rounds too. Peter Thomas, Gregg Leakes, and Apollo Nida stopped by the Bethanny Frankel show and gave some insight on the RHOA from their perspectives. Find out their thoughts on NOT getting an actual paycheck from BRAVO for their involvement, and Greg’s response to being responsible for his first divorce from his wife, NeNe.
On if they are paid for RHOA: 
Peter: No. It’s more like a part time job for us. It’s not demanding all our time as much as it does for the girls. And we’re pretty much there for support for them. And benefits. There’s perks.
On if they enjoy being on the show: 
Apollo: Not all the time. I think for me, coming from prison and doing six years in prison and then being thrown into a TV show, it’s kind of difficult. From the first time coming off {of the show}, I was very quiet and kind of shy. It was just a very difficult transition for me.
Gregg: We’re by-products, we’re there for support. We’re the wind beneath these women’s wings and we know our lane. We know what we need to do and what we don’t need to do.


On if he (Greg) married for love: 

Greg: Let me answer that question with a question. First of all you know who I’m married to? I married for love. I’m a hopeless romantic.

On what his (Greg) marriage is like:

Greg: Absolutely marvelous. I learned that two ears beat three mouths and a half of a brain. If I would have listened, I would have never had to go through it. I take all the responsibility. It was my fault. Therefore it was my challenge to put it back.

Check out the clips below.

“Real House Husbands of Atlanta” airs Sunday nights at 8pm on BRAVO. P.S. Should the husband’s get paid for their appearance?


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta