K.Michelle Announces New Reality Show, ‘No New Friends’ + Teams Up With Idris Elba For Female Version of ‘Trapped In the Closet’


K.Michelle has been living it up in New York after leaving Atlanta last year.  She released her album ‘Rebellious Soul‘ while also touring to promote the project. We’ve seen her on a few episodes of Love and Hip Hop (NY) this season as the endearing and supportive friend of Tara Wallace and Yandy Smith. Yet, this will be the last season K.Michelle will appear on the Love and Hip Hop franchise. She recently spoke with local radio station Power98 in Charlotte, The Morning Madhouse, and talked about her plans for this year (new spin-off, work with Idris Elba and Robin Thicke). Check out a few excerpts below.

On what’s next:

I’m going on tour with Robin Thicke. We leave out on February 21st and I’m very excited. You know I didn’t think he knew me. So for someone that I really adore musically to pick me to open for him, I’m very excited about that.

On if she’ll twerk on Robin Thicke:

I have enough people coming for my neck, so I don’t need Paula coming for me too. So there will be no twerking with Robin on tour, you have my word.

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On her own spin-off: 

You know I have my own show and we start filming February 10, ‘No New Friends’. And this is my last season of Love and Hip Hop so I won’t be on LHH any longer. But we film my show which comes on VH1. Also, something that’s so huge for me! I turn ‘Rebellious Soul’ into a musical. And it’s kind of like a female ‘Trapped in the Closet.‘ The great thing about it is VH1 is airing this musical. And Idris Elba’s the director of the musical. And that for me, for him to understand my vision and for him to be such a creative guy, and for us to team up and do this project together, it’s absolutely amazing. So we shoot that in Africa in a couple of weeks.

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On how her son is doing:

My son is playing basketball. I was like, ‘oh my God basketball almost killed me. You know with my ex-boyfriend and now my son is playing basketball’.  I said, ‘ You know what I don’t want to hear nothing about basketball’. He is doing great! And he loves basketball and he’s balling. Grades are good and I’m about to adopt. I’ve been going to the class and I want to adopt now. That is something else I’m doing and he is like, “Can you just not adopt a girl?”

Looks like we have much to look forward to from Miss K. Michelle.
Listen to the FULL INTERVIEW below:

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