Lamar Odom In Denial Over Khloe Kardashian Divorce: ‘She’ll Always Be My Wife’

Lamar Odom lands at LAX Airport

Khloe Kardashian (29) may be ready to end her marriage with her estranged husband, but the feeling is not mutual. Lamar Odom (34) is making it quite clear that he’s not ready to end their marriage of four years. In an interview with Us Weekly, he insists that he’s still loves her and will always consider her as his wife. He says:

I love my wife. She’ll always be my wife, no matter what. Who knows? We don’t know exactly if [the divorce is going through]. Only time will tell. I hope not. But even if we were divorced, she would always be my wife. Those were some of the best years of my life. Being married and being married to a woman I decided to marry was, besides having children, the most important thing in my life.


The former NBA baller, who now plays for Baskonia, has struggled with drugs and infidelity, but shares:

We all have regrets, but the thing is to learn from life. There’s no one in this room, no one in this world who can say, ‘I’m mistake-free, I have made no mistakes. If you can introduce me to that person, please introduce me to that person. Let me meet him and speak to him. I think we prejudge a little bit too much these days because there’s so much access to everything about the world. It’s easy for us to look at a YouTube video or a program that doesn’t turn off and say, ‘This guy must be this way.’I understand how powerful TV is, but there’s nothing I would do different.


Lamar is now focusing on his contract with Baskonia (a.k.a. Laboral Kutxa), explaining:

This is the love of the game for Lamar. I’ve got a winner mentality, the mentality of a champion. I feel good and every day I’m getting closer to closer to being on the court, but it’s a work in progress,” he added during the press conference at the Fernando Buesa Arena in Vitoria. “I’ve been away from the game for a little bit, but it’s going to take some time and I have to be patient. When me and coach Sergio and the organization get together and think it’s the right time [to be on the court], that will be the right time.

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