Shaquille O’Neal’s Former Mistress Vanessa Lopez Penning Tell-All + Not So Nice Accusations About Shaq Revealed

Shaquille O'Neal Hosts Pool Party at Azure Luxury Pool in Las Vegas on August 18, 2013

Shaquille O’ Neal is known to be very friendly with the ladies and one former love interest is speaking out. His former mistress Vanessa Lopez and O’Neal were embroiled in a legal battle up until recently and now the details are emerging. Lopez originally filed a lawsuit against the 7’1 NBA champ back in 2010, alleging that she was his mistress for five years and and he began harassing her after she told him she thought she was pregnant. She claims O’Neal accused her of sleeping with someone else and she broke it off.  In court she accused him of racketeering, invasion of privacy, and intentional inflection of emotional distress.

Last year, a Florida judge decided that Lopez wasn’t completely truthful and that she was caught her in several lies. The judge stated,

[Lopez] lied often. She lied about facts important to the defense, and she demonstrated an utter disrespect for the system of justice.


The judge says Vanessa claimed she “did not know of” any previous restraining orders that had been issued against her … when there were official records showing she was hit with one stemming from a case involving an ex-boyfriend.

The judge says there’s also proof she lied about her legal history with NBA star Kenyon Martin … who had accused her of stealing his credit card and running up charges.

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Her harassment case was dismissed by the judge, citing a legal victory for Shaq. Cut to present day and the details of Vanessa’s statements during the deposition have been released. In her statements Lopez claims that O’Neal has a major obsession with guns. She stated,

Every time I was with him, he would take out — he always carried, like, a Glock, a gun,”

Before having sex, he would put it on the floor, he always had a gun.

[Why he would have a gun] Because he’s the law. That’s what he would say, ‘I’m the law.’

Reportedly, Vanessa is writing a tell all book titled, ‘Fouls of The Courts‘ about her ordeal. According to Terez Owens, the book will reveals:

details of her five year love affair with O’Neal and relationship with J.J. Redick. Fouls of the Courts, slated for an August, 2014 pub date, will share intimate details of Lopez’s affair with O’Neal including never-before-revealed information about O’Neal’s personal life and upbringing as shared by O’Neal to Lopez during their affair. Lopez will also expose the off-court bullying that takes place among sports superstars including O’Neal’s intimidating and threatening behavior when their affair ended and the aggressive coercion she received from J.J. Redick to abort their unborn child with the infamous “contract to kill”.  Lopez’s book will serve as an eye-opening perspective on the power these megastar sports figures yield and choose to exercise, and a cautionary tale to others seduced by their fame, wealth and attention.

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