Shaunie O’Neal & Shaq Court Battle Over Spin-Off Starts + Shaunie Receives $100K in Monthly Child Support?

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This may get ugly, friends. This week, we shared that reality star and creator of Basketball Wives, Shaunie O’Neal was introducing her own show to the TV world. Called The Shaunie Project, the non-scripted show will follow her life soley (as opposed to five other women) and focus her family, specifically the 5 children that she raises.

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According to reports, the show is less about entertaining bickering women, but more family-oriented. The 39-year-old executive producer ran into a road block when her ex-husband, Shaquille O’Neal, became adamant about not allowing his children (they have 4 children together) to appear on the show. So what’s the latest? On Thursday, Shaunie and Shaq’s camp reported to court, since she needed an emergency order to meet filming deadlines. Here’s what happened. In short and according to court documents, Shaunie feels that Shaq is blocking the show out of spite and that he’s a bit upset that his own reality show attempts were never successful. According to TMZ, he’s requested $1 million and will give her the green light if that demand is met.



Meanwhile, Shaq paints a different picture saying it’s simply not true and that if he actually wanted a show, he’d have one because he’s more marketable than her. He also disputes claims that he’s asked for any money. Shaunie says she needs the show, as a source of income, as she doesn’t receive alimony anymore. Shaq claims that he pays $100K a month in child support for their 4 children. So what’s the end result? Outside of back and forth from both parties, nothing has yet been resolved. Reportedly, a hearing on Shaunie’s bid to do the show will be held late January 2014. Our guess is that they won’t be able to film, at least with any of the O’Neal children, until this is resolved. Stay tuned.

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