G Herbo Says He Was Told To ‘Troll’ Funny Marco During Controversial Interview, But Admits To Going ‘Overboard’

G Herbo, Funny Marco

G Herbo Says He Was Told To ‘Troll’ Funny Marco During Controversial Interview, But Admits To Going ‘Overboard’

Rap star G Herbo is clarifying some things about his viral interview with Funny Marco.

The Chicago native claimed he was asked by the comedian’s production team to “troll” him, but acknowledged things may have gone a little too far.

G Herbo

G Herbo, real name Herbert Randall Wright III, 28, addressed the situation during a recent conversation on N.O.R.E.’s podcast Drink Champs. After being asked if he and Funny Marco, 30, are currently on good terms, G Herbo stated:

“Hell yea…Marco first and foremost, that’s my man. We already had a relationship prior to doing the interview and sh*t. So originally [Southside] was supposed to did the interview…and they had it like, his production staff told us to like troll him…It was supposed to be a surprise to come on to troll him. We wasn’t originally just on bulls**t with bro,”

He added:

“We was a little like off the sauce…went a little extra overboard, but the whole thing was to come on there intimidate him on his show like pull a him on him.”

The “Who Want Smoke” artist continued, claiming that he spoke to Marco prior to the episode being released to make sure things were good. If you recall at the time, reports were floating around that G Herbo and Southside wanted them to pull the episode due to the backlash, which the rapper said is untrue. He continued:

“I spoke to him before [it] even came out and we was good. I don’t know if it was like a confusion between our staff and his production team where they was thinking we didn’t want it to come out. We was like ‘nah it’s cool, we ain’t really trippin’…public perception and what people are gonna take from it, that’s another thing, but that’s the name of the game – that’s what come with it.”

G Herbo went on to make clear the two have “no bad blood,” and further denied any speculations he was upset about the interview being made public. He also admitted to being surprised about the episode going viral and insinuated that he told Marco he’d replace the $30,000 watch that was broken during filming.

If you recall, social media users heavily criticized G Herbo and Southside over the aforementioned interview, with many expressing their opinion the two were bullying Marco about his looks and status. Criticism grew even stronger after the musicians snatched his hat from his head tossed it around, and purposefully broke the watch he was wearing.

Marco subsequently spoke out, claiming he wasn’t a fan of being called a b*tch and having his jewelry broken, which prompted another aggressive response from Southside. In a final word, however, Marco stated he has nothing but love for the two, which G Herbo seemingly validated. However, it doesn’t seem social media users feel the same way. Reacting to his explanation of things, many continued to condemn the rapper’s actions in the comments section, arguing that there is a difference between trolling and bullying.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson