Singer Trey Songz Declares His Sexuality After Rumors Spread: ‘I am NOT Gay!’

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Just in case you’re wonder, singer Trey Songz (real name Tremaine “Trey” Aldon) is not gay. This week, rumors started that the 29-year-old Virgina native was gay. The news started on social media, with a Tweet that appeared to originate from the singer’s Twitter account. And instead of simply ignoring reports, Trigga opted to address and then make light of his questioned sexuality. Trey wrote:

The things you people craft up with hatred in your hearts. The things people believe without question, or validity, all baffles me. Photoshop and a retweet is all people need to believe, any and everything. I feel bad for the impressionable, no minds of their own.

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He ended, with a joke:

If I’m gay then Tupac bringing me a ounce for this session with Biggie tomorrow. last tweet was funny doe!

There ya have it, ladies!

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