[EXCLUSIVE] Meelah Williams: Joining R&B Divas ATL, Leaving 702 & Relationship With Musiq Soulchild: ‘It’s complicated!’

He’s definitely anti reality but he’s my number one supporter and he gets that I want to get back out there. He was like, ‘I’m going to support you no matter what, I’m going to rock with you, you know how I feel about reality TV but I think it’s a great platform.’ He thinks it’s a great platform for me as a recording artist. He thought it was cool and the fact that I opened up about our son, of course I made sure he was cool with it and he felt like it would be a cool thing to share our story.

 The Jasmine Brand: Are you and Musiq together?

We co-parent but we’re together, we’re always together. It’s complicated. You’ll see him on the show—not like that. I believe I’ll tell you a bit more about our story. I didn’t want to bring him on because its hella confusing because we’re not married but we do live together. It’s very confusing. He didn’t want to come on but he only came on because he supports me and because I was talking about our son, he’s on to support me talking about the autism. And the studio, we did the studio scene. He’s showing that no matter what I got you as far as music and stuff like that.

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels