[EXCLUSIVE] Lil Scrappy & Bambi Tell All: Rumors, Abuse Allegations, Pregnancy & More!

Bambi: It just really didn’t make sense for me to do Basketball Wives since I’m not a basketball wife. And I’ve been living here and I’m just liking this new relationship so it just made sense.


thejasmineBRAND: [Bambi] How did you end up meeting Scrappy?

Bambi: I have been knowing Scrap for a long time like before that. I met him like 3, 4 years ago in a club or something, we were just cool and friends.

thejasmineBRAND: [Bambi] We’re you nervous when you seen Mama Dee interact with his past girlfriends?

Bambi: I wasn’t nervous because I’m like, ‘All moms like me and she’s going to like me’, because I don’t do anything and I’m not disrespectful but then I got moated.


thejasmineBRAND: [Scrappy] What do you love most about her?

Scrappy: She’s quite beautiful, inside and out, she just educated as hell man, I like that sh*t. She

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta