[EXCLUSIVE] Lil Scrappy & Bambi Tell All: Rumors, Abuse Allegations, Pregnancy & More!

be teaching me some sh*t I don’t even know. I be like, ‘I don’t even know what that word is, what does that mean?’ I’m straight from the hood you know what I’m saying and I try to elevate my thinking but with her it’s just reading books and saying big words and sh*t. I love that she is beautiful inside and out and she definitely can teach me something, I ain’t never had a woman that can teach me something other than the bullsh*t.

thejasmineBRAND: [Bambi] What do you love most about him?

Bambi: He’s always willing to make adjustments and you know how most guys are just who they are and they don’t want to correct anything, he’s always willing to correct his mistakes and move forward and that’s what I love most about him.


thejasmineBRAND:[Bambi] You are a rapper, are you going to continue that or have a collab coming up?

Bambi: Yea, I’ve been working on some new stuff and Scrap is helping me…Yea, definitely.

thejasmineBRAND:[Scrappy] Do you think she’s nice?

Scrappy: Oh yea, she got this one song with Easy-E joint, be going hard.


thejasmineBRAND:[Bambi] Are you guys cool (Erica)?

Bambi: No, I don’t know her.

Scrappy: They don’t even know each other. I’m not even about to let that happen, that’s why we don’t intertwine like that no more…I just basically try to keep the peace and be good parents. Bamb and Imani, they get along so that’s all that counts.

Diamond-and-Lil-Scrappy-the jasmine brand

thejasmineBRAND:[Scrappy] Your 2nd ex, Diamond, she made some comments that you were physical with her while you were in a relationship, can you respond?

Bambi: Well, can I respond because that just really makes me feel some kind of way because I’m with him and he’s never shown any signs of being physically abusive to a woman. If he’s going to be aggressive with somebody it’s going to be me because I’m bigger than him and I’m going to be all in his face. But yea, that just kinda took me somewhere, it’s annoying.

Scrappy: I look at it like she got a new show coming out so she’s trying to promote her little situation, trying to get some battery charge or something but I ain’t got nothing for her though. It’s just 4 years ago, you finally come back and get the story right and use lies because everything she said she was doing, she said it was me so yea.


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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta