[EXCLUSIVE] Hollywood Exes’ Shamicka Lawrence On: Being Called A ‘Hood Rat’, Andrea Kelly’s Troubled Marriage + Predictions for ‘Atlanta Exes’

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Hollywood Exes Shamicka Lawrence is slowly but surely showing more of her personality. With her second season of the popular VH1 show under her belt, the ex-wife of Martin Lawrence says she’s in a good space. But at the same time, she has a fiesty side. In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, Shamicka opens up about conflict with cast mate Jessica Canseco (who referred to her as a ‘hood rat’), what she found alarming about Andrea Kelly’s new husband, what she’s looking for in a man and pursuing her music career (we even got her to show off her vocals).

Watch the full interview below and check out part of our conversation.

Part 1


Jasmine BRAND: So I have to ask you, this is your second season on the show and doing reality TV, what is the biggest difference between this season and last season?

Shamicka Lawrence: Well, this season I think I’ve gotten to know some of the girls a little more you know. I know two of the ladies already but just to know the ladies. I think that’s been a big difference is getting more comfortable with the girls and kinda filling out their personalities so I think that’s different this season.

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Jasmine BRAND: You have a bit of a tiff, with Jessica [Canseco], it’s coming…

Shamicka Lawrence: A bit of a tiff? It ain’t a bit…