Lil Scrappy Survives Bloody Car Crash, After Friend Falls Asleep At The Wheel! [Photos]

Lil Scrappy Survives Bloody Car Crash

Lil’ Scrappy survived an intense car accident over the weekend. Scrappy, and his friend, Ca$ino Roulette, crashed into a pole after leaving popular strip club, King of Diamonds in Miami, FL. Scrappy
says Ca$ino was driving when he allegedly fell asleep at the wheel, totaling out the vehicle. The Love & Hip Hop star took to Instagram to share photos of survival.

In a slideshow of images, Scrappy is seen resting as he is constricted by monitors to a hospital bed; another shows his broken foot, being wrapped in a cast; the last photo shows his bloody memorabilia.

Although the accident nearly rendered Scrappy unconscious, when he had the chance to post a thankful message,

Man God is great I can’t even show u the car o, thank God for given me a fam and people that rides with me @casinoroulette in here hurt too we fucked up but God saved our lives #Godisgreat #Mercy #Grace im blessed with a wife and daughter to help me back up but God is great and we are alive thanks big God #hospitalflow thank u to my moms too who came and made sure her Baybay aight and my mother in law came thru thank you too

Bambi rushed to her husband’s side after hearing about the fatal news. The mother to be posted a picture on Instagram giving God thanks for her husband’s safety.

Scrappy had no recollection of being rushed to the local hospital. Ca$ino was rushed to ICU with no word on his current condition.

After law enforcement discovered both men confused and bleeding outside of the vehicle, they assessed Scrappy might have been the one driving. No witnesses or citations were issued at the scene of the

By Cadarius Booker

Authored by: Kellie Williams